The 5 advantages for choosing the best accounting software for construction companies

Published By Accflex
Date of publication 2019 February 17

If you search for the best accounting software for construction companies and real estate investment , Construction ERP Software is specialized in long term contracts and projects management .Accflex presents a selection of perfect accounting software  ERP Software supports both English and Arabic languages which enables you to get the best benefit from your company administration .

Accflex Construction Software works in an integrated way with a group of subsystems that complement the system to be fully integrated , using a unified data basis which enables you to administrate and operate all department activities flexibly and provides a large basis of information about the company activity to facilitate decision making .

The advantages of Accflex Construction Software 

Why  Accflex Construction Software  is considered the best software ?

Effective project management 

When you use Accflex Construction Software , you can manage and follow up you projects very accurately . The work cycle starts with  a detailed description of the project using a chart that includes all data such as : 

Project name and number

Project cost center.

 Project manager and consultant engineer .

 Operation time plan .  

Description of main and subsidiary terms of the projects and discriminate between material terms and analytic  terms and connecting  them to their accounts and cost centers .

A flexible project management cycle 

Construction accounting software for companies presents a flexible and integrated project management cycle . You can manage governmental and nongovernmental projects that require bidding . The cycle starts with buying the statements of work brochure  and attributing it to the system ,paying the insurance ( cash or check using a letter of guarantee ).then  examining the project terms to determine their cost and profit margins , presenting financial and technical  offers of the project and finally starting work in the project . Also all project stages not related to bidding can be accomplished through direct contract. 

ACCFLEX Construction accounting software for companies is flexible for the user in managing different project stages according to the contract .

Billing and Contractors Management

ACCFLEX Construction ERP software for companies includes a complete cycle for contractors’  management  The cycle begins with recording all data related to the contractor like name , telephone number , address  , tax registration number  and even contract data such as :

 Projects on contraction  

Project terms

Advance payment and insurance 

Deductions on contractors   such as business insurance and advance payments .

The system offers a great group of analytic reports related to contractors like :

Contractor account statement report ,

Contractor status report

Business insurance account statement report 

Contractors’ total billings report

Contractors’ billings detailed report 

Customer relationship management 

Construction accounting software enables users to manage owners effectively through a bunch of analytic tools .  The construction system includes the following advantages in owners’ management :

Recording all data related to owners in a chart form branched into owners’ groups like government  sector  , company sector , individuals sector and others .

Recording terms of contraction with owners ( contact value ,project terms, business insurance value , advances ….etc.) 

Comprehensive management of owners’ billing and additions and deduction on the bill ,

 Detailed and total owners’ reports such as owner’s account statement  , business insurance reports , advances and others.

Integrated ERP Applications:

ACCFLEX Construction accounting software for companies works interactively with other sub software on a unified data base including all data of the construction company departments, for example:

Warehouse and purchases software user can enter a buying bill for sites and projects material from a certain supplier.

Treasury officer pays for the supplier’s dues from payments and receipts  depending on the bill recorded by purchases management ( connecting payment to a certain bill).

The project engineer records owners’ and contractors’ bills using Construction companies  accounting software. 

Collecting the owner’s and contractor's dues either cash or check through receipts and payment software  ( connecting collection to a certain bill)

General accounting software automatically  transforms all the previous treatments into journal entries  without the need to any human interference .


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