What does G.L erp System offer

The general accounts program is the best integrated (accounting program) erp system for companies, as it is one of the most important parts of the company's Enterprise Resource Planning erp system, because it is the link between all other parts of the program such as (stores - customers and sales - suppliers and purchases - cashiers - restaurants - contracting - human resources, and others) and all of these parts are fully related to the public accounts program.

In order to serve your vision and financial aspirations in managing the financial activity of the company, supported by multiple and detailed analytical reports on the financial situation, financial statements, in addition to business intelligence analyzes, which allow you to display financial data of various sizes and purpose in the form of summarized graphs.

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The erp system from Accflex is two in one program, in addition to the calculations; the program contains a special part for managing the assets owned by the company.
Supports the best integrated accounting software for erp system genral accounting, and the ability to import data and information from Excel.

- The general accounts program works in the Real-Time system, and the system is an important feature that enables you to obtain information as soon as it occurs

- The general accounts program provides you with an integrated financial analysis system for your activity to identify the status of liquidity, profits, and rates of return on sales with the possibility of comparison with previous years in the form of illustrative graphs.

- The program supports flexibility and multiplicity in building the accounting system requirements such as designing the chart of accounts, branches and cost centers without being restricted to minimum levels.

Accounting periods and the closure of accounts

The erp system general accounts program enables you to add the depreciation of assets during a period, post their balances, and control the closing or opening of the accounting period. In addition, you can divide the tax periods “discount taxes at source” into four tax periods per year.

General Ledger - Assets

An integrated accounting system to manage your company's branches

General Ledger Module at AccFlex ERP system enables you to create an integrated tree branch structure based on the company's current size and future expansions.

General Ledger Module offers you the following benefits regarding branches management:

-The system provides the ability to create an infinite number of branches of the company divided in the form of sectors and geographical regions or according to activities without being restricted to a certain level of branching.

- General Ledger Module provides you with an integrated system of authorizations on the branches, which allows control of the roles of users at the level of each branch within the company and the extent of its authority to view the data.

- The ability to producing analytical reports and integrated financial statements at the level of each branch separately or at the level of each sector or at the level of the company as a whole at the same time.

-The ability to compare the performance of the branches with each other and extract comparative analysis indicators on the sales and costs of each branch.

 Multi-level Chart of Accounts

With General Ledger Module at AccFlex ERP system, you can create and design a chart of accounts flexibly and without being restricted to any level of branching, the chart of accounts includes an accurate description of each account based on the nature of the account and the purpose of its use.

The chart of accounts of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software has many advantages that distinguish it from any other accounting software and the chart of accounts is more flexible, the accounts of the chart of accounts can be transferred from one group to another easily, and the transactions can be posted from one account to another without the need for reversing journal entries. The parent account's properties in the chart of accounts can be transferred to the child accounts, as well as the possibility of adding the opening balances directly from the chart of accounts and linking each account to the screens on which it appears as well as its cost centers and branches, as well as many other advantages.

General Ledger - Chart Of Accounts

 Integrated Cost Center Management System

Get more analytical information on the internal company departments, company projects, employee costs and other information through general ledger module AccFlex ERP system for cost centers management, as you can create and design complete chart of cost centers in unlimited levels in proportion to the department's requirement for information.

Structuring Fixed Assets in the best-integrated accounting software

AccFlex ERP Accounting Software, financial and management, provides you with an integrated accounting software to manage, control, and physical inventory the company's fixed assets as a complementary module to General Ledger Software, Fixed Assets Management Module enables you to create and acquisition assets in a hierarchal structure that is not restricted to a certain level by defining main types and sub-types of assets and the types of assets are defined by their name, code, method, and rate of depreciation, and linked to the accounting treatment for each type of asset.

Asset data can be added by entering the data of each asset or by adding a group of assets simultaneously directly from an Excel file, reducing the time and effort and helping to enter the data of an infinite number of assets, the advantage in AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software is that it creates journal entries on all transactions that occur on the assets and once (acquisition- retirement- renewal- depreciation ...) any asset the software automatically impacts the chart of accounts with accounting journal entries.

 Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management Module provides a complete management of the assets' transactions inside the company financially and managerially over the useful life of the asset

General Ledger Module AccFlex ERP System also offers the following key features:

- Detailed assets data recording in terms of "Name, type,
number of units, cost centers, branch, method and rate of depreciation, useful life and other important data".

- Recording additional petty cash for asset related data with the responsible employees.

- Ability to attach asset documents such as purchase invoices, insurance policies, etc.

- Recording asset purchasing invoice data if a new asset is purchased from a specific vendor.

- The ability to calculate depreciation for each asset or all assets at once at the closing of accounting periods.

- Managing renovations and acquisitions which are on the asset throughout the useful life.

- The ability to reduce the value of the asset in the records in accordance with the accounting standards "Low-value assets ".

- The ability to sell the asset to a particular customer with profit or loss alerts the sale process before it is completed. (Retirement with revenue).

- The ability to asset retirement with scrapping and without revenue (writing off) from records.

Fixed Asset Reports

Fixed Assets Management Module provides an integrated set of fixed assets analysis reports that provide detailed information that helps in asset management decision-making, including:

- Detailed Fixed Assets Report.

- Asset Balance Report. 

- Comparative Balance Sheet report

- Depreciation Current Year Report.

- Asset History Sheet Report.

 Journal Entries Management

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software integrates fully with sub-systems, where it creates journal entries automatically after saving any financial transaction without manual intervention. The user can also create journal entries, "especially opening entries" through an external Excel sheet by copying and pasting quickly. A journal entry "Template" can be recorded concerning recurring journal entries monthly or weekly.

 Reviewing Journal Entries

The Journal Entry Review screen is one of the very important screens in General Ledger Software so that the finance department can review all journal entries and electronic signature on the review process. Consequently, all reports, such as the Income Statement, are produced based on the reviewed transactions or based on all transactions regardless of the review process.

 Preparing a Comprehensive Budget

You can, through AccFlex ERP software, managing the financial planning of the company and prepare the comprehensive budgeting for the company at the level of all sectors "sales, production, purchases, expenses and revenues" also, a cash budget for the company can be prepared from a cash-flow perspective, and general ledger module alerts users if the budgeting is exceeded for expense item.


Adding Opening Balances 

Through the Adding Opening Balances screen, you can select the account and adding the opening balance or adding it directly from an Excel file by importing the data from an Excel file and inserting them into the software.

Design the screens according to the nature of your business

Through the software, an infinite number of screens can be created and designed according to the nature of your business and to increase the level of control and security, it is possible to create a custom screen for receipts transactions, a custom screen for payments transactions, a screen for the bank, a screen for the treasury and another for the petty cash by selecting the accounts that appear on each screen as well as the authorizations of each user in dealing with the screen.

A Screen to Manage Reversing Journal Entries 

One of the most common features of the software is the presence of a screen through which journal entries are reversed: Once select the journal entry that you want to cancel and click Save, the software automatically creates journal entry by reversing the selected journal entry sides (debit/credit), thus eliminates the effect of the accounting journal entry from the reports, but it remains in the database as a kind of financial control over journal entries.

Importing Journal Entries from an Excel File

Creating Journal Entries screen of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software has the advantage of enabling journal entries to be imported directly from an Excel file, which saves time and effort and helps in completing accounting tasks as soon as possible. Once journal entry data are selected from an Excel file and the cost center and branch are selected, the software automatically creates a journal entry into the chart of accounts and an infinite number of journal entries can be created simultaneously.

General Ledger Software Reports 

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software provides a unique set of reports that provide the finance department, all departments of the company and the senior management with financial reports that help the company monitoring, oversight, and decision making, and feature in AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software is that it can be exported these reports in more than one format from the software (Word- Excel- PDF ....), reports can also be redesigned as desired by each user, and these reports are divided into

A- General Ledger/ Subsidiary Ledger Reports (divided into)

1- General Ledger Report.

2- Subsidiary Ledger Report.

3- Subsidiary Ledger Report for Cost Centers.

4- Subsidiary Ledger Report for Accounts/ Cost Centers.

B- Trial Balance Reports, American General Journal Reports, and Budget Reports (divided into)

1- Trial Balance Reports.

2- American General Journal Reports.

3- Budget Reports.

4- Opening Balances Report.

C - Final Financial Statements Reports (divided into)

1- Income Statement Reports.

2- Balance Sheets and Financial Position Reports.

3- Cash Flow Report.

4- Changes in Equity Report.

All AccFlex ERP Accounting Software operate on a centralized database that includes more than one fiscal year and an accounting period, providing a great tool for analyzing the performance of the company, branches, and departments over more than a fiscal year, an accounting period. General Ledger Software provides the ability to design and review of horizontal and vertical financial analysis tools and financial ratios in a coordinated and understandable format through Dashboards.

What are the Benefits of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software?

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software is characterized by its ability to covering all investment and commercial fields to maintain the financial management of companies and enterprises through a comprehensive financial system that provides many financial reports for accounting transactions, and it also provides a complete set of financial statements and final accounts


How does AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software work?

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software works based on ERP System, which represents an integrated general ledger system that enables you to create the best accounting system with full flexibility, which is appropriate for your investment activity, which makes it serve your financial vision and aspirations in managing the company's financial activity.


How are Fixed Assets within AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software?

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software provides management, inventory, and control of fixed assets in the company or organization as an integral part of the corporate general ledger, which enables AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software to create and add assets in a hierarchical structure that is not restricted with a specific level by defining main and subtypes of assets and the types of assets are defined as it includes the name, code, depreciation rate, and depreciation method, along with its linkage with accounting treatments for each type of asset.


How to Evaluate AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software?

The quality and effectiveness of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software are evaluated based on the extent to which the system covers the needs of the company, regardless of the size of the accounting software, and the standard size is subject to few technical problems of the system is among the very important standards of accounting software evaluation


What is the importance of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software?

AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software is of great importance for companies and organizations because it includes the full management of companies with different specializations, especially the industrial sector, which provides full control of the production and financial management and product costing system which integrating with General Ledger Software, Inventory Management Software, and Human Resources (HR) Software.


How Much Does AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software Cost?

The prices of General Ledger Software for businesses and organizations provided by AccFlex ERP System are suitable for all large and medium-sized companies, regardless of the nature of the business.

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