The Best Accounting Software for Manufacturers & Manufacturing Cost Accounting (Production Planning Software)

Production Planning Software provides full control of the production process in terms of raw materials, costs, and even pricing of product items and finished products, Production Planning Software- ERP System allows you to production planning processes or plan new customer orders, by analyzing the lead time and raw materials required and available, and it also gives you excellent control of raw materials balances and products into warehouses.

Production Planning Software of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is the best accounting software for manufacturers, production management, and manufacturing process, Production Planning Software is characterized by as accounting software is suitable for all manufacturing activities because it covers all production stages, starting from the procurement of raw materials going through the production stages, and ending with the delivery and sale of the finished product, and calculating profit and loss, it provides a full cycle for manufacturing activity management including all manufacturing activities, financial accounting, and costing, in addition to suitable for large scale industries such as the electric appliances industry, automotive industry and other industries that need to assemble and manufacture more than one component to produce the finished product, as well as it is characterized by a high degree of flexibility that provides you to customize the accounting software to suit the nature of your business, Production Planning Software is distinguished from other accounting software with sufficient flexibility that makes the possibility of bringing about change in the company and switching from the manual work system as soon as possible.

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Top Benefits of Production Planning Software

Production Planning Software is characterized by several features and benefits which make it the best accounting software for manufacturers and production management, and we can review the most important characteristics of Production Planning Software as follows:

1- Warning and Alert Messages Prevent Errors

One advantage that may make you feel comfortable with Production Planning Software is AI, AccFlex ERP Production Planning Software does not allow you to make mistakes because it appears as warning messages (warning of errors ) this prevents a warning message of insufficient quantities of raw materials during the production process, not causing production to stop or stock to become unbalanced, and also appears an alert message when line items of raw materials/finished product cost vary, which helps you correct errors to complete the production order (production process) and certainly gets the most accurate costs for the finished product.

2- Journal Entries are Automatically Created in Production Planning Software

AccFlex ERP Production Planning Software converts all the transactions in the software to journal entries with accounting impact in the chart of accounts due to the integration of all modules of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software, saving more time and effort in creating the journal entries and the impact of the manufacturing companies chart of accounts as well as getting the accounting information in a real-time and providing all company departments with the necessary information on production processes, and certainly getting the most accurate costs for the finished product.

3- Adjusting Product Costing screen

The Adjusting Product Costing screen is one of the most important strengths of AccFlex ERP Production Planning Software, as this screen automatically adjusts product costs to make the product cost as accurate as possible, all the user has to do is to select the transactions made between the transferred warehouse (raw material warehouse) and the warehouse transferred to it (finished product warehouse) during a specific period or date, the software downloads all the transactions that may have a difference in cost, and in a split second, the software adjusts the costs.

Production Planning Software Reports

1- Open Work Orders Report

During the production process, the quantities are withdrawn from the raw materials warehouse and added to the finished product warehouse an error may occur during production, and the quantities are withdrawn from the raw material warehouse without adding them to the finished product warehouse, which may cause a problem in the production process but through the Open Work Orders Report, all incomplete manufacturing process can be displayed and then can be completed again.

2- Work Orders Report

This report shows all manufacturing processes details for a specific work order by the transaction code, transaction serial, or by date, and displays all finished products implemented during the work order, executed quantities, units, quantities withdrawn from the raw material warehouse, and quantities added to the finished product warehouse.

Why is AccFlex ERP Production Planning Software the best accounting software for manufacturing, production management, and product costing? 

AccFlex ERP Production Planning Software provides a set of application software specialized in manufacturing management and production units in its various departments and areas, successfully implemented in the largest manufacturers in Egypt and the Arab world.

AccFlex ERP Accounting Software provides an integrated manufacturing accounting software that enables the possibility of obtaining accurate and analytical information about the costs of products from all cost elements, whether direct (raw materials and labor) or indirect costs while comparing actual costs with the standard costs of actual production and analyzing cost variances based on the standard costing system designed by management.

What does Production Planning Software offer?

- Planning and scheduling production processes flexibly based on customer orders (sales orders) previously issued by the sales department or by relying on the traditional planning system based on production department estimates.

- Production cost planning through the standard costing system, based on the issued production plan; material requirements planning for raw materials can be analyzed, their cost, labor, and manufacturing overhead.

-  Flexible manufacturing system based on the job order costing system and process costing with support for non-modular production systems and non-standard operating at all stages.

- Full monitoring of work orders and confirmation for each production order.

- Material requirement planning for raw materials and production requirements at any level of operation, is possible to material requirement planning for raw materials at the stage of issuing sales orders, material requirements can be planned when creating a production plan, and it can also be created during the actual production processes stages, based on material requirement planning, the procurement department and warehouse can create purchase requisitions to provide supplies.

- An integrated manufacturing accounting system that includes mechanisms and methods for allocating direct and indirect costs using multiple estimated and actual bases.

- Alert and Notification System for system users to obtain production data in real-time such as low inventory levels and cost variances, etc.

Production Planning Software 

Production Planning Software represents one of the important parts of the integrated package for manufacturing processes management, which works in a linking and integrated manner with General Ledger Software, Inventory Management Software, Treasury & Banking Software, and Human Resources (HR) Software.

Production Planning Software provides an important set of analytical reports used to determine the product cost of materials, wages, and indirect manufacturing costs according to the nature of the costing system applied, as well as provides analytical information on manufacturing overhead variance and proper accounting treatment under process costing system and job order costing system

Production Planning Software consists of the following main screens arranged according to the stages of the production process and the flexible production cycle in the organization:

Sub-production Process screen 

It is a screen specialized in designing the sub-production stages at the level of departments specialized in the production of semi-finished products, and direct and indirect costs can be added at the level of the sub-production process, as well as adding standard hours for operation at the level of one department.

Production Process screen 

It is considered one of the main stages in working on Production Planning Software through the Production Process screen, the software is defined as the product or finished products that are produced through a single production process, such as the process of producing ready-mix concrete and which the types of ready mix concrete that is produced through this process are identified, as well as specifying the mix design of raw materials for each type of ready mix concrete, the user can add separate production processes that include all products produced by each department or every branch to judge the performance of each production process separately.

The Production Process screen in Production Planning Software is mainly used to link the sub-production stages and the previous ones are defined in the Sub-production Process screen, whether consecutive or parallel and to determine the confirmation for each stage of the production process as a whole.

Production Order screen 

Through the Production Order screen in Production Planning Software, production orders are created and managed, starting with the determination of the production process and the products to be manufactured, and the raw materials warehouses are determined from which the raw materials consumption for the production process and as well as determined the finished products warehouses to which the finished product is transferred to at the level of the single process.

Production Planning Software provides the ability to record a change in the mix design to reflect the actual quantities, whether withdrawn from raw materials warehouses or added to finished product warehouses and then produce variances reports on standard performance.

Production Order with Direct Selling screen 

Sometimes the finished product can be manufactured and sold directly without storing it, such as in ready-mix concrete industries, Production Order with a Direct Selling screen provides the feature of selling the product directly after the production process, the customer is selected, tax group and discounts group and the system automatically creates the necessary journal entries to the production process.

Product Costing screen 

Through the Product Costing screen, direct costs other than raw materials are determined, "such as direct labor cost" required for the production process, and it is possible to create more than one type of direct cost while specifying the standard cost for each type such as:

- Production Engineers Salaries: "For example, it is allocated on the base of $ 500 per hour."

- Quality Engineer's salaries: "It is allocated on the basis of a manual value of $ 1,000 per production process."

- Labor Cost: It is allocated on the base of the actual quantities produced.

As well as selecting the elements of indirect costs such as materials and indirect labor, and selecting the proper allocation base for each type separately. In the end, the direct and indirect costs are linked to its account in the chart of accounts in General Ledger Software.

Adjusting Product Costing screen 

Through it, the system automatically settles the quantities of raw materials that have already been withdrawn from raw materials warehouses.

Production Planning Software for the largest manufacturing companies is considered one of the largest manufacturing accounting software, as it helps to fully control the product starting from planning and ending with product pricing, as it contains the latest software technologies and the most advanced accounting methods in cost accounting.

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An Integrated Hierarchical Structure of Warehouses 

It includes the configuration of raw materials warehouses, finished products, operating supplies warehouses, etc. Also, you can add central warehouses covering all the organization’s branches and various production lines.

Configuration Chart of Items

It includes adding main and subgroups to the items of raw materials and finished products, in the unspecified levels chart of items, which contributes to providing detailed information about the items such as rates of raw materials withdrawal and finished product sales, etc.

Mix Design

Production Planning Software that works by ERP System and release of AccFlex ERP System (Hadaf Software Solutions) enables effective cost control, especially raw materials costs by defining the mix design, the mix design of the finished products items helps in determining the work orders variances by comparing the actual with the standard performance.

Integration of Production Planning Software with other subsystems

All sub-systems of AccFlex ERP System integrate with Production Planning Software on a centralized database covering all organization departments or manufacturers such as:

- General Ledger Software: Responsible for the accounting treatment, translating all financial transactions into coded journal entries (Every journal entry has a unique number), and producing reports and financial statements.

- Inventory Management Software: Including the management of raw materials and finished products, and designing the Purchase-to-Pay Business Process and the Order-to-Cash Business Process completely.

-Treasury & Banking Software: Responsible for payment and collection transactions, whether made in cash from the treasury or through the cycle of incoming and outgoing checks.

- Human Resources (HR) Software: Responsible for managing all about the manpower within the organization.

- Production Planning Software: This is one of the important modules of the AccFlex ERP system that is responsible for scheduling production processes, releasing production orders and completing the sale process, etc.

- Plant Maintenance Software

All subsystems are characterized by having all the necessary reports to cover the users ' requirements for information.

Linkages with Machines and Production Lines

Production Planning Software is the best accounting software for manufacturing specializing in linking with production lines and machines by calling all the reports of the outputs of machines and machinery that operate according to the automated operational system and entering them into the system automatically without the need for human intervention, thus completing the production cycle (Plan-to-Produce) with multiple stages on the system in an automatic form.

Features of the operational system in Production Planning Software

Featured AccFlex ERP Accounting Software in the latest accounting software version provides an operating system to manage production processes with the greatest possible efficiency and quality. Some of these features can be displayed as follows:

Full description of production processes and stages of operation

The description of the production stages includes the following detailed data:

- Entering raw materials warehouses and finished or semi-finished product warehouses on which the production line depends.

- Determining the product's "outputs" of the production line, and an infinite number of products can be added to one production line.

- Determining the number of standard operating hours for each product in one production line.

- Adding the direct costs and indirect costs of the rates & cost Allocation plans.

- Linking the production line with specific labor categories and determining the hourly wage rate for each category separately.

Flexible Production Cycle

The user responsible for production planning can directly create and release production orders, through the Production Order screen, complete them, store products, and then start the sales cycle, as well as create production orders recalled from sales orders that the sales organization previously created. 

Production orders can also be released based on a production plan designed on the system in advance.

Scheduling Production Processes

Through the previous set of work orders added to the system, a master production plan can be created that includes the products to be produced within the period specified in the plan, as well as the labor needs plan, operating hours required, and material requirements for the production process.

An Integrated Quality System

It includes the entry of periodic data on raw materials and final outputs and producing reports comparing quality standards with actual results.

Operating Cycle Diagram in the Plant

After describing the machines and production lines, it is possible to determine the main production processes carried out by the main departments of the organization in the form of a diagram & chart showing the stages of work.

Performing an Order Confirmation

To clarify the extent and percentage of completion of a specific work order, whether it is intended for a specific customer or was produced for storage.

Production Order Processing with Third-Party

This may be in the case of a lack of production capacity or the case of the production lines malfunctioning for any reason; it can be recorded as the production order processing with a third party with accurate determination of the costs of the external processing in production.

Creating Material Requirements Planning Process

Production engineers and users of Production Planning Software can run Material requirements planning (MRP) of raw materials and labor throughout the work cycle within the system and then create purchase orders in the procurement module based on material requirements planning of raw materials.

Accurate Determination of Work Order Cost

The user can set the work orders cost of raw materials, labor, and indirect costs. By adding types of costs and linking them to the production process.

Accurate Bases for Cost Allocation

Indirect costs can be allocated using a proper allocation base, such as machines working hours, raw material cost, production units, direct labor hours or direct labor costs, etc.

Variance Analysis Reports

These can be produced at the level of work orders and the level of production processes as a whole.

The Most Important Production Planning Software Reports

- Finished Products Report: This is a report that explains the components of each item production of raw materials and semi-finished materials.

- Raw Materials Report: Aims to clarify the extent to which each raw material contributes to each finished product.

- Production Order Variance Report.

- Production Variance Analysis Report.

- Completed Work Orders Report (Detailed).

- BOM Stock Report (Detailed).

- Open Production Order Report.

What are the Top Benefits of AccFlex Production Planning Software?

AccFlex Production Planning Software is characterized by ease of use and the ability to create a full cycle of manufacturing activity management and costs and full control of the production process in terms of raw materials, costs, and ending with the pricing of products and finished products and it is characterized as appropriate accounting software for all manufacturing activities, because it covers all production stages, starting from the procurement of raw materials through the production stages, ending with the delivery and sale of the finished product, and calculating profit and loss.


What are the Phases of Work on AccFlex Production Planning Software? 

AccFlex Production Planning Software integrates with General Ledger Software, Inventory Management Software, Treasury & Banking Software, and Human Resources (HR) Software, and provides a unique set of analytical reports used to determine the product cost of the direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead depending on the nature of the costing system


How to Calculate the Product Costs on AccFlex Production Planning Software?

First, the direct material cost that is involved in the manufacture of the materials produced is calculated, then the indirect costs that are spent on any raw materials that are used in the production of the materials are calculated and the labor cost is calculated on this manufacturing process and the last stage is the calculate the product cost and hence the project owner can pricing the product and knowing whether to find a loss or profit.


How are the costs allocated to AccFlex Production Planning Software?

AccFlex Production Planning Software allocates the costs using very accurate bases, and indirect costs can be allocated using an appropriate allocation base such as machines working hours, raw material cost, production units, direct labor hours or direct labor costs, etc.


How to Evaluate AccFlex Production Planning Software?

The criteria for evaluating accounting software vary in light of AccFlex Production Planning Software's capabilities to cover the full production cycle and the value of the information that produces through a set of reports provided by the system.


How Much Does AccFlex Production Planning Software Cost?

The prices of AccFlex Production Planning Software are suitable for all companies that depend on the number of employees, regardless of the size of the company.

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