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Published By Omar Safwat
Date of publication 2020 June 23

Restaurant activity is one of the fastest-growing activities, and what distinguishes the restaurant activity is that it does not need large capital compared to other activities, and the capital turnover ratio is quick, as the payback period in restaurant activity is often short, this is due to the nature of the activity related to basic needs of its customers due to its related to food, and due to these advantages characterized by the restaurant activity, it has become one of the most widespread activities in the recent period, and with the large number and variety of restaurants, the traditional restaurant management is not paying off, especially in light of what we see of modern technology that entered this field it has become an integral part of it, therefore, the use of restaurant management software essential in this field to the accurate calculation of restaurant revenues and expenses, as well as for the ability to control the cost elements of (raw materials- daily labor- manufacturing overhead costs) where raw materials (food) characterized by which are component the main courses by constantly changing their prices daily, which makes it difficult to calculate the cost of the dish/meals accurately except by using the restaurant management software, and we will show a model for one of the best restaurant management software in Egypt and the Arab world, which is ICafe AccFlex ERP Solution.

ICafe AccFlex ERP Software Solution Cycle

ICafe AccFlex ERP software solution provides a typical cycle covering all the requirements of restaurant management starting from creating raw material items and linking them to the ingredients of the main course as well as customized screens for cashier management, whether the order (Dine In- Delivery- Take Out) as well as the of cash management inside and outside the point of sale and balancing point of sale and cash count and delivery to a new employee, as well as the posting cash flow to the main treasury, in addition to a  customized screen to customer management (cash and credit), as well as a unique set of reports that cover all the requirements of restaurant management of the information and the restaurant management software cycle is divided into four main menus (Transactions Menu- Cash Register Menu- Point of Sale screens- Reports) but before displaying these menus we must learn about the method of creating raw material items and finished product items.

First, Item Coding

ICafe AccFlex ERP software solution cycle begins with item coding, whether raw material (tomato-cucumber- ketchup- chicken .....) and selecting the item name, item code, item cost calculation method, cost price, and its warehouse, as well as item coding of the finished product (pizza- shawarma- juice-.....) and entering the item name, its code, the selling price, and its warehouse and linking each item of the finished product (meals) to its quantities of raw materials through the “BOM” button of the inventory management software as well as selecting alternatives to each item and side items of (salads or pickles) and others, ICafe AccFlex ERP solution imports the items data from the warehouse.

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Second, Transactions Menu

It is the menu through which the restaurant is managed and it contains two main screens (Cashier screen- Check Display screen)

A- Cashier screen

The Cashier screen is the most important screens of restaurant management software, where all sales transactions are made through the Cashier screen, whether Dine In, Delivery, or Take Out, as well as cash flow management (revenues- expenses) through the cash register, and the Cashier screen in ICafe AccFlex ERP solution a set of features that make it unique from any other software, and the most important of which are

1- Reserving a table for the customer through software 

Once you click the table layout in the software, the software shows you all the tables (reserved- available) so a table can be reserved for the customer, so the table becomes reserved throughout the reservation period.

2-Adding items to the invoice is easier than ever

One of the features of the software is the flexibility to enter and ease, so the items can be added to the customer's check, by clicking the meal image next to the Cashier screen, by searching for the item by pressing "F3" button from the keyboard, or through the software by clicking Search button from the Cashier screen.

3- Transfer and split orders

The software provides a realistic model for the nature of business of restaurant if the customer wants to transfer orders from one table to another; the software allows you to do this through the "Transfer" button, as well as splitting the customer's check into more than one check through the "Split" button.

4- Viewing Previous Checks

The software is characterized by the ability to view the previous checks that the cashier created, re-open and make adjustments to them unless they were posted, and this is related to the extent of the authorizations granted to the user (the cashier/supervisor).

5- Printing the check more than once

Through the "Print" button on the Cashier screen, a check can be printed more than once if the customer requests it. 

6- Deletion Authorizations

It is a feature of the software that it is not possible to create any transaction on the Cashier screen or otherwise unless the user has the authority to do so that an item is deleted from the check or delete an entire issuing transaction, there must be authority for the user (cashier/supervisor) to do this.

7-The presence of alternative items and side items

ICafe AccFlex ERP solution has the flexibility, once the specific item balance is not sufficient (a specific meal), the software directly displays the alternative items if the item is linked to an alternative item, and also if there the side items or promotional items, then once you click the item (meal), the software automatically displays the side items/ promotional items linked to it.

8- Issue the check in more than one currency

ICafe AccFlex ERP solution is flexible; the software can issue the customer's check in a certain currency and pay the check in another currency, the software automatically displays the check in more than one currency when clicking the amount of the check, it is also possible through the software to collect the value of the check in cash or by visa.

9- Payment from the Cashier screen

Through the "Purchase Requisition" button, any amounts can be paid directly from the cash register, and when posting the cashier journal, the paid amounts are settled.

10- Collecting from Credit Customers

One of the advantages of the software is the possibility of creating more than one type of customer, so it can create cash customers, as well as credit customers and collect amounts from credit customers through the "Collect" button and add cash directly to the cash register.

11- Close Cashier and Posting Journal

Once you click the "Close" button, the software will automatically count the cash balance in the cash register, close the cashier journal, and post the balance to another user, one of the advantages of ICafe AccFlex ERP solution is that, when you click the "Close" button, the software does not close the journal unless all checks are collected and closed. 

12- Other additional features on the Cashier screen

The software provides you a set of unique tools (a currency calculator- design a kitchen check- design a customer check- as well as a set of shortcuts that facilitate cashier work).

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B- Check Display screen 

Through the Check Display screen, the software displays all checks that were made during a specific period and selects the status of the check (closed- open), the journal value, the user name, and all the journal data.

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