Your guide to choose the best Cloud human resource software

Published By Omar Safwat
Date of publication 2020 December 28

Human factor is the main component of production activity since it’s the center of performance and creativity .Therefore if we make the best use of this factor it will be reflected on the activity and development of the company and vice versa .Neglecting and not managing the human factor in a good way will cause the descend and diminishment of business .So most of the companies give special concern to make the best use  of human factor . Here comes the role of human resource management software which enables the company to apply the ideal international systems of human factor management and evaluation . However it’s difficult to use a traditional software due to the growth of companies and employment levels . So a cloud software is needed to help manage human resources , calculating salaries liabilities , advances , times of attend and leave and monitor the performance of any number of employers regardless distance between work sites and branches of the company .Moreover this software helps to show the latest and most precise reports anytime and anywhere .

A cloud human resource software  CHRS ,Why ? 

CHRS is the ideal solution for companies with a huge basis of employers and big number of branches . Imagine that the company doesn’t have an online human resource system , how can Cairo branch monitor the employers times of attend and leave in Aswan ?Or follow up workflow and control quality ? There is a big chance to manipulate the administration because the company relies on traditional ways . If an employer in Aswan wants a leave of absence , he will have to come to Cairo or even send his request using mail , which wastes time and causes loss .Cloud human resource software is suitable for small and mid-size firms . It’s essential for construction companies and  Real Estate Investment to follow up and manage branches and connect them to the administration . It’s necessary to apply in manufacturing companies to connect the factory to the administration and to store and procurement management . Cloud human resource software is necessary for  any business ( commercial , manufacturing, construction , real estate investment ,precast concrete , restaurants , supermarkets ……..etc. ). It’s the best management system for small  , mid-size and big companies as well  .

Advantages of Cloud human resource software :

Cloud human resource software has a lot of advantages that enables the company to manage its human resources in an ideal way as follows :

1- The administration can follow the activity of any number of  branches and work sites minute by minute through connecting Cloud human resource software Cloud human resource software with attend and leave fingerprint .

2- It is easy for the company to apply its work policy which can be included ( such as attend and leave , extra time , early leave, work in official holidays ,end of service polices …………etc.)

and applied automatically when connected to the employers then the software calculates the salary after applying the policy .

3 - Cloud human resource software is very suitable for restaurants and manufacturing companies as it can set the shifts of each employer and also the attend and leave hours as it is decided .

4- Eliminating the routine and not wasting time is the most important advantage of Cloud human resource software . An employer can have a leave of absence simply through the software which in turn sends the request to the direct manager to approve .In this way it saves the time wasted in paper requests . End of service ,custody ,  advances  requests are also included in Cloud human resource software .

5- Data and accounts of employers can never be lost or damaged because storing data on an electronic cloud makes it difficult to damage. In contrary, the traditional human resources management programmes need computer severs to store data , so accounts and information can be damaged or even lost .

6 - Cloud human resource software can be run anywhere and anytime as the advantage of storing data on an electronic cloud makes it easy to log in using the username and password .

In this way data input and reviewing reports is more flexible and the administration can review the latest reports anytime so making decisions is easier and better .

How to choose Cloud human resource software ?

When you bus Cloud human resource software Cloud human resource software some main points have to be taken into concern :

1- Considering the current size of the company and the expected future size so you can buy Cloud human resource software that suits the expected future size  .Applying an early comprehensive human resources management system helps in developing the company for applying the inclusive concepts of management and quality .

2-The current technological change in manufacturing as most of the business is run through the internet . This increases the importance of telework and the necessity to use Cloud human resource software to run this telework.

3 - The human resources programme has to apply the international criteria for modern administration and comprehensive quality . To follow up the workers performance and assess them according to the international criteria helps in determining the actual level of the employers and developing their performance. Evaluation systems help to attract the best employers and exclude the unqualified ones .In this way the company can make the ideal use of employers and develop their performance .

4 - Reports are the outputs of any system and the reports in Cloud human resource software are very especial . The more accurate reports are , the stronger the programme is . The best software provides indispensible reports for the administration  to use in making decisions concerning employers .It also provides it with required reports for accounting salaries accurately .

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