The most important characteristics of AccFlex ERP general ledger software and how to implement it in businesses

Published By Omar Safwat
Date of publication 2020 June 01

The appropriate choice of the accounting software is the most important step to ensure the success of the accounting software, choosing an accounting software commensurate with the nature of your company in terms of size, activity and the nature of business is the first step of achieving comprehensive development of the company and its transformation from the paper-based system to the electronic system and the company's resources management optimally, and therefore the requirements of the company must be analyzed properly and knowing its shortcomings in addition to a willingness to change to ensure the success of the accounting software and implemented it in the company, the following will review the most important features of one of the best general ledger software in the Middle East, which achieved great success when implemented to a large number of companies with various activities (agricultural- industrial- commercial) and whatever the size of the business, the software is designed to suit all companies in addition to the continuous development and modernization system carried out by AccFlex ERP (Hadaf Software Solutions), which makes the software always compatible with international accounting standards, in addition to the ease of implementation that the software characterizes by it in the process of entering, and its coverage of all reports needed by all parties associated with the company, whether they are internal parties (departments of the company- senior management) as well as external parties (customers- suppliers- banks- others).

AccFlex ERP general ledger software features

1- Ease of entry

One of the most important points that achieve success for the accounting software is ease; the foundation for designing the accounting software is to make the accounting work easier, in the paper-based system, you may need many accounting experiences and complex processes to properly treatment for expenses, revenue, costs, etc., as well as to many paper-based books, also, the probability of error is greater, but through AccFlex ERP general ledger software provides automatic treatment of accounting journal entries, as well as accurate treatment of costs and expenses, linking them to cost centers and branches, in addition to audits and archiving the journal entries through which it is impossible to lose any financial transaction, in addition to the system of warning and alert messages when accounting errors, which make it impossible to accounting error when creating journal entries and the reverse journal entries screen makes accounting work easier and as accurately as possible.

Ease of entry

2- Saving time and effort

In large-scale businesses, the volume of business is greater and when the work system is paper-based or when you choose an inappropriate accounting software, you often need a large number of employees to enter the financial and accounting data, but what distinguishes AccFlex ERP general ledger software is ​​the "import from Excel file" feature that it provides on most of the entry screens, such as (Enter Journal Entries screen- Enter Opening Balances screen- Enter Assets Data screen, etc.) that provide more time and effort, allowing you to enter an infinite number of financial and accounting data in a split second by choosing Excel file and selecting the columns that it contains data within Excel file and the software automatically enters data into the software. 

توفير الوقت والمجهود فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

3- Comprehensiveness

One of the failure factors of the accounting software is that it is based on a specific activity or a specific company and vice versa, one of the most important success factors of AccFlex ERP general ledger software is that it is designed to suitable to any company, whatever its activity and whatever its size, the software is founded on typical foundations based on international accounting standards, in addition to the huge customer base that helped the software in adding all the screens which may be needed by certain activities exclusively.

الشمولية فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

4- Integration

The main objective of the accounting software is to link the departments of the company and make the company operate as a single unit, AccFlex ERP general ledger software is considered to be part of AccFlex ERP system, all the transactions that occur in the software (inventory management- treasury& banking- human resource (HR)- constructions... and others) have a direct impact on the general ledger software by accounting journal entries, and all accounting settings and adjustments that are recorded through the general ledger software also affect other modules, as well as the reports of AccFlex ERP general ledger software, can be displayed from all other modules of AccFlex ERP system. 

الترابط فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

5- Fixed assets management 

In most other software, when you need fixed assets management software for the company, you need to  purchase  a new software that is totally out of  the general ledger software, and it may not be linked to the general ledger software, however AccFlex ERP general ledger software provides a module related to the fixed assets within the general ledger software, is one of the most important features that distinguishes AccFlex ERP general ledger software from other software, the existence of a software for fixed assets management through it can create the chart of fixed assets of the company (assets, sub-assets) and their linked with branches and cost centers and a screen to enter the asset data and assign them to the accounts as well as a screen to enter a number infinite assets through Excel file in addition to the ability to conduct various operations on the assets of (depreciation, write-off, retirement, selling ...) and the software automatically creates accounting journal entries for all transactions of the assets, in addition to unique reports that cover all the requirements of department for its fixed assets, making the software a great value for a price.

الترابط فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

6- Flexibility

When the software is more flexible, it is more applicable and therefore more reliable and AccFlex ERP general ledger software is flexible to the extent that the software can be configured to suit all accounting activities and accounting policies within the company, through the software, accounting periods can be divided into (one accounting period- two accounting periods- four accounting periods- twelve-month accounting period) as well the possibility of transferring the wrong journal entries from one account to an account easily without the need to cancel the journal entries, as well as transfer the journal entries from a cost center/ branch to another with ease, as well as flexibility in designing specific screens to enter the transactions as screens (receipts- payments - treasury ... etc.) according to the nature of each activity, in addition to many other characteristics that increase the degree of flexibility and reliability of the software.

 المرونة فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

7- Reports

When we want to evaluate an accounting software, we need to review the outputs (reports) provided by the accounting software, their accuracy and coverage of all users’ needs to evaluate the accounting software, and perhaps the reports provided by AccFlex ERP general ledger software is one of the most important strengths of the software, the software covers all accounting reports whether at the level of (journal entries- general ledger- subsidiary ledger- cost centers- branches- final accounts such as balance sheet- income statement- financial position- budgets- fixed assets- etc.) the software covers all the needs of internal and external users of reports and no report that the departments of the company or the senior management of the company may need it until to be provided by the software and with a high degree of accuracy. 

المرونة فى برنامج الحسابات العامة

How to implement AccFlex ERP general ledger software in the company

The design of good accounting software depends on achieving the maximum benefit of the company's resources, and therefore the business environment must be created for this development, success cannot occur in the company unless its policies are changed in all departments and to immediately begin implementing international performance standards, whether for financial and accounting policies and procedures or the total quality management systems and performance efficiency, which makes the function of the accounting software easier and thus achieve success in the business environment, therefore, the policies and procedures of AccFlex ERP general ledger software must be effectively implemented before the electronic transformation and its implementation to the computer.

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