Features of the best accounting software, inventory, warehouse, and sales management (Inventory Management Software)

If you are looking for inventory and accounting software to manage companies’ warehouses, AccFlex ERP has the most powerful accounting software for warehouses management where Inventory Management Software has been designed for companies and department stores and consists of a set of main and subsidiary screens that provide the user the optimal solution for many accounting issues related to inventory, such as creating main and subsidiary warehouses and creating a chart of items and groups, warehouses and transferring transactions between warehouses.

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AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software contains three modules within one software, Inventory Management Software, Procurement & Accounts Payable Software, Sales & Accounts Receivable software, and the work system is based on the automation within Inventory Management Software, and Inventory Management Software does the following:

Creating Journal Entries Automatically

Inventory Management Software creates the journal entries automatically without the need to enter the journal entries, whether it is from the Inventory Management Software screens of or from the Procurement & Accounts Payable Software or the Procurement & Accounts Payable Software, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software is distinguished from other accounting software with enough flexibility that makes the possibility of bringing about change in the company and switching from the manual work system as soon as possible.

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software supports importing from Excel

Also, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software can be used to more than one branch and link all the branches to each other into a single database, as well as not being restricted to a single system for company management, so transactions to Inventory Management Software can be completed in more than one way and from more than one screen, which increases the degree of flexibility in the input in addition to that the software is provided to all companies, regardless of their size (large scale, medium-sized, small), as the software has been designed to suit all activities so that more than one method can be used for the stocktaking process, whether it is (periodic inventory- perpetual inventory), in addition to a full system for controlling the inventory items.

Warning and Error Messages

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software is a full system for controlling the inventory items starting from warning messages when an error occurred and alert messages when needed and authorizations setting screens and customized screens for entering specific transactions.

Inventory Management Software provides proper accounting treatment for all inventory transactions of purchasing, selling, and returns; taking into account all tax transactions and discounts, the user can also determine the expired cost of items using more than one accounting method such as FIFO and Weighted Average.

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Features of Inventory Management Software 

- Controlling an item or group of items in the warehouse (by deleting or adding items from the warehouse to another warehouse).

- The ability to know all the details of the warehouses through a single screen in Inventory Management Software, while monitoring the quantities of the inventory items at the beginning of the period.

- A screen to monitor the branches to know the sales and collections for each branch in the warehouse.

- Adding items and adjusts selling prices via an Excel spreadsheet.

- The ability to link the warehouse to the cost center (when linked to General Ledger Software).

There is more than a method to evaluate inventory in AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software

- First In, First out (FIFO)

- Last In, First Out (LIFO)

- Weighted Average

- Standard Cost

- Actual Cost

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- Defining the characteristics of each item (expiration date, country of origin, part number).

- The ability to recalculate the cost of sales at any time in Inventory Management Software.

- The ability to create customer groups and vendor groups.

- The ability to create a customer's credit limit – a vendor order limit.

- Determining credit limit period for customers.

- Determining the debt limit period for customers.

- The ability to specify the type of pricing for the customer (assigning a pricing type to the customer).

- The ability to create a quotation for customers - a request for quotation for vendors.

- Converting the quotation to a purchase order and convert any of them to invoice or more than invoice.

What does Corporate Inventory Management Software offer?

Items and Warehouse Management

Inventory Management Software for companies provides an integrated inventory cycle that starts from describing warehouses and recording items data, and because the stage of identifying items and warehouses is one of the essential steps in designing any integrated warehouse system, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software provides the following important advantages:

 Unlimited Warehouse Branches

The user of Inventory Management Software for companies can add an infinite number of warehouses in a hierarchical structure consisting of central warehouses and subsidiary warehouses and assign them to their branches as well as to cost centers, and the Warehouses Identification screen includes the following important data:

- Warehouse Name

- Warehouse Code

- Address of the Warehouse

- Contact No.

- Cost Center

- Distinguishing between the storage warehouse and breakage & spoilage warehouse of restaurant activity.
stock control - stock items

 Item Hierarchy Structure

One of the most important advantages of Inventory Management Software is to provide the user sufficient flexibility in creating a hierarchy structure for the items that include an infinite number of levels, as the user can divide the warehouses internally in the form of main groups of items and sub-groups.

The hierarchy structure is useful to display the overall detailed reports related to the transactions made on the items up to a certain level.

Items Coding

Items are coded automatically on Inventory Management Software according to the main group and subgroup to which the item belongs, and the user can have more than one type of code according to the user’s desire to items coding on inventory management Software. Examples of types of coding in the software:

- Coding according to the product vendor or service.

- Coding according to the nature of the item (raw materials, finished product, consumer product)

- Coding according to the country of origin of the item.

- Coding according to item weights.

- Coding according to colors and sizes.

- Coding according to the item's location in the warehouse.

- Coding according to items units.

Various Types of Pricing

The user can add more than a type of selling price for one item or at the level of a group of items, such as setting a wholesale price for a specific item and a retail price for the same item. Among the advantages of the selling price system in Inventory Management Software:

- Flexibility to add any number of price types and lists.

-The ability to set the type of selling price at the one unit level, such as the wholesale selling price, the retail selling price at the package level, the wholesale selling price, and the retail selling price at the carton level.

-The ability to set a price brackets system when a customer purchases specific quantities.

-The ability to set different selling prices at the level of one warehouse so the user can set a retail selling price for the Cairo branch at a certain value and set the same selling price for the Saudi Arabia branch at a higher value and in a different currency.

-Setting a minimum selling price for each item.

- Linking the price list to a specific customer group.

- The ability to set a selling price (Gross profit margin) based on a specific percentage of the expired cost.

- Flexibility to adjust the price list at once by importing from Excel sheet.

Accurate Description of the Items

Inventory Management Software allows adding items according to the following characteristics:

- Adding a picture of the item.

- Describing Item in terms of color, weight, and size.

- Adding a short name for the item.

- Adding an overall and detailed description of the item.

- An illustrated map to describe the location of the item in the warehouse.

- Setting the expiration of the item and clarifying the alert days to warn users before the expiration date.

- Determining the nature of the item in terms of whether it is a finished product or raw material.

- Definitions of the cooked item and link it to a specific kitchen or group of kitchens.

- Adding the mix design to finished products.

- Adding alternatives to the item in case it is not in the warehouse.

- Adding sides that will be issued in case of selling with the items.

 Multiple Units of Measure

Inventory Management Software supports the feature of multiple units of measure, as the user can define the item in the warehouse in more than one unit such as liter, kilo, ton, carton, and batch.

Then all the transactions can be created (such as purchasing by the carton and selling by the piece, and purchasing raw materials by the ton and issuing them to production lines in kilo), as well as displaying all reports on the items with different units.

 Transferring Items Transactions

It is a feature of transferring transactions that made on a specific item during a certain period to another item to correct an error in treatment.

A specific user may create sales transactions on one item and another user creates the same transactions on another item by mistake and hence Inventory Management Software enables the possibility of transferring all transactions into a user made to the correct item.

Merging Items

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software provides the feature of merging similar items to save time and effort in handling more than one item in warehouses.

Printing Barcode

The user can design and format the barcode for the items, and the barcode can be printed with each Receipt voucher to the warehouses or printing barcode for a specific group of items in the warehouse.

Flexibility & Quick in Entering the Items

The user of Inventory Management Software can enter the inventory items all at once through an Excel sheet and with the same previous characteristics to save time and effort.

Adjusting Selling Prices

The user can change the price list for selling a specific item or group of items, as well as adjusting the selling limit for items all at once through an external Excel sheet that is imported through Inventory Management Software.

Accounting Treatment 

It is the control of accounting treatment of inventory movements through the selection of linking items with sales revenue accounts, cost of sales account, and inventory account and discounts in the chart of account.

The user can control the accounting treatment for each item or group of items or the warehouse as a whole.

Top Items Reports

- Item Card Report (by Quantity only and by Quantity & Value) 

- Items Adjustment Report

- Reorder Point Report

- Items Expiry Report

- Monthly Purchase Price Report

- Finished Products Reports and their mix design of raw materials.

- Raw Materials Report and the contribution of each raw material to all finished products.

- Inventory Status Report in terms of quantities of items in each warehouse.

- Items Movements Report with Serial Number.

- The ability to create a debit note or credit note to the customer - or the supplier in the warehouse.

- Detailed Authorizations screen on all Inventory Management Software screens.

- Backup all data recorded in Inventory Management Software.

- Choosing templates and colors for (invoice, windows, printing).

Copying Items from one warehouse to another warehouse automatically 

Creating a new warehouse requires more time to create many items to it and assign them to the warehouse, but with AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software, you can select specific warehouse items and copy them to the new warehouse automatically from the software in a split second.

The software is suitable for all activities including gold and metal activities

Inventory Management Software is designed to suit all activities without exception, it is suitable for pharma activities and pharmaceutical companies because an expiration date can be assigned to the items, and there is a warning screen that warns the user when the expiration date is close enough, and it is also suitable for foodstuff activities because it can be selected whether this inventory item is cooked or not, and selecting the kitchen and cooking time, and it is also suitable for activities of metals and gold, it can be selected whether this item (ring- bracelet- ...) have a few stones.

The ability to create the components, alternative items, side items, and promotional items 

The software allows you to add an Item Alternative if the item be consumed and the warehouse has an alternate for it; the software immediately shows the alternative to withdraw from it so that the sales process does not stop, and also any item can be linked to a group of components such as the restaurant activity or manufacturing activity, it can be selected an item as a finished product and consists of a group of items, once the finished item is withdrawn, all raw materials items involved in its manufacture/cooking are affected, and also if the issuance of the item is linked-to promotional items, in the medical field to dispense an antibiotic, we need injections, the antibiotic can be linked-to promotional items, that is deducted at the issuance and therefore the balance of the inventory items is the most accurate.

Adding the quantities of items from the barcode reader

AccFlex Inventory Management Software is characterized by that supports the barcode feature in all its screens, it is also possible to add quantities of items have a barcode through the barcode reader, and the barcode can be printed separately and pasted to the items.

Setting a Reorder Point

It is possible through the Item Opening Balances screen to determine the quantity that triggers the purchase of a particular item so that the workflow is not interrupted and AccFlex Inventory Management Software automatically displays warning messages when the item reaches the reorder point level.

Phases of Work in Software

Explaining Inventory Management Module for companies and department stores: 

- Sales Transactions

The sales screen provides a complete accounting and documentary cycle of sales transactions to customers, starting from submitting quotations to customers, creating a sale order after approval the quotation by the customer, and creating a sale "transaction" invoice through quotations or sales orders.

The sales screen provides a set of comprehensive and detailed reports of sales transactions, uninvoiced quantities and returned quantities.

The Sales transactions screen also provides fully installment sales accounting system accordance with accounting standards.

- Purchase Transactions

The Purchase Transactions screen presents an integrated accounting and documentary cycle for the purchase transactions starting from warehouse request to a purchase requisition for the finance department when the inventory level reaches the reorder point and then request for quotations from suppliers until requests for quotation (RFQs) is created and entered into the system and the create purchase order for required items and working with purchase transaction under the previously created purchase orders and approved by mangers.

The system automatically translates purchase transactions and purchase invoices in the form of journal entries by recording entry items at their cost to inventory and recording accounts payable.

The purchasing screen provides a set of reports related to overall and detailed purchase transactions during specific time periods. It also provides reports of returns transactions.

- Customer Quotation

Through Customer Quotation Screen, the user creates a quotation for the customer with the quantities and prices of the products required by the customer and in a suitable promotion form to quotation without impacting the quantities of items in the warehouse or in the customer's account.

After the customer’s approval, it is possible to make a sale transaction directly from the quotation or create a sale order and then create a sale transaction from the purchase order provided that the system creates journal entries automatically.

- Vendor Request for Quotation

The user can, through Vendor Request for Quotation screen, receive more than request for quotation from vendors on the same products, and the system automatically compares the quotations of vendors and extracts the best quotations, price comparisons can be made at the level of items and select the best vendor at the level of each item and the user creates a purchase transaction from the vendors quotations.

- Settings and Accessories:

- Detailed authorizations screen of all screens of AccFlex accounting software.

- The ability to recording customer and vendor name in each invoice issued in inventory management module.

- Backup of all data recorded in inventory management module.

- Selecting templates and colors for (invoice, windows, printing).

- The user can move between the others users while running inventory management module without closing and open inventory management module again.

- Defining the authorizations of each user in inventory management module.

- Determining representatives’ commissions according to the date and sales in inventory management module.

Inventory Management Module is also characterized by its ease of use, whereby AccFlex programmers team avoided all the complications and shortcomings of other accounting software when designing this software, and the company pledges the software users to keep updating the software periodically to ensure that the software remains on top of the various warehouse management software.

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- Warehouse Screen

The warehouse screen is specialized in creating the main and subsidiary warehouses of the organization, whether they are in headquarter or branch offices, with the ability to query the details of each warehouse and quantities and opening balances of items, and the warehouse screen contains a set of important reports related to the inventory status and the available quantities and their cost, as well as selling prices for the quantity available in the warehouse.

Inventory management module screen provides a set of statistical and graphic data for the best-selling items and the most profitable items as well as the volume of transactions with customers and the most profitable customers of the organization, the screen also contains a smart inventory system, and a comparison of the actual inventory count with the computer inventory count to find out the deficit and the actual increase in the warehouse.

It includes a set of statistical and graphical data of inventory movements and performance level.

- Item Groups Screen

The warehouse system is based on the tree formation of items in warehouses or what is called the chart of group items or chart of items where the main groups of items are configured and subgroups are subdivided from them and then linking each item to the group to which it belongs. Inventory management module is characterized by the ability to create an infinite number of main groups and sub-groups organized in an automatically coded tree form.

Inventory management module provides the ability to link each group to an independent revenue account in chart of accounts and the user can add discounts offers of sales of group items during a specific time period, and once a sales invoice is created during the offer period the system automatically creates a discount for the customer according to the terms of the previously entered discount and translates the sale and discount transaction into the form of journal entries in general ledger module.

- Items Screen

The items screen in inventory management module specializes in creating an infinite number of items and linking them to the sub-groups related to them and linking them to warehouses, where the items are entered with their details in terms of color, volume, size and components in addition to the possibility of entering the item in more than one unit such as gram, kilogram and ton and sets more than the selling price of the item such as selling at wholesale and retail prices, as well as setting a minimum selling price, the possibility to enter a validity period for items and an alert period before expiration through the items screen, the most appropriate method is selected to determine the expired cost of inventory of these items, such as first in, first out  method (FIFO) and weighted average method and moving average and actual cost method or specific identification as appropriate to the nature of the item.

The items screen allows the user to import items through an Excel sheet with its details in terms of name, code, group and properties, in addition to the ability to print barcode labels for specific items or for each invoice received as appropriate.

The warehouse system is characterized by the ability to create a service item, which is an intangible item, there are no quantities in the warehouses, such as service of installation, delivery or warranty, and the user can create inventory movements for service items, whether sale or purchasing

Items screen - Stock Control Program

- Some features of the Items

- The ability to create the item in the warehouse with more than one unit (number, quantity).

- There is more than one method to calculate the cost of the items (FIFO (First in, first out), LIFO (Last in, first out), weighted average, standard cost and actual cost) in inventory management module.

- The ability to recalculate the cost of sales at any time in inventory management module.

- The ability to create an expiry date for the items in the warehouse and setting the alarm before the expiry.

- Defining cost, revenue and inventory accounts at the level of the item or group in the warehouse.

- The ability to have more than one item code within the warehouse.

- Determining the details of the items (color, volume, size, and detailed description), variable details according to the activity.

- The ability to link the item to more than warehouse in inventory management module.

- The ability to link the item with more than selling price with the possibility of adjusting the selling price in the invoice.

- The ability to set a standard price for the item (handling factories price list, agencies) with register of discount rates.

- The ability to set minimum selling price.

- Matrix system items facilitate coding of very large numbers of the items in the warehouse.

- Printing labels containing the barcode (containing the information for each item).

- The ability to import items from Excel sheet in all its details (color, template, quantity).

- Chart of Items: A detailed chart of accounts to search by all properties of the items.

- The ability to merge one or more items in the case of repetitive coding of the item in warehouses.

- All transactions of the item (outbound, inbound, settlement, return to warehouse, return to vendor, transfers between warehouses).

- Charts for analyzing economic activity.

- Defining all types of inventory transactions (sales, purchases, returns).

- Customer and Vendor Screen

Through the screens of customers and vendors, the user enters customers or vendors to the system with the possibility of creating groups for customers and vendor and dividing them into different sectors in order to produce detailed reports of customer groups as well as vendors, and the user can create a credit limit and period of debts for customers and specify a specific selling price for the customer, whether it is retail or wholesale, as well as for the vendor.

Customer and Vendor screens allow the user to enter customers and vendors to the system by importing from an Excel sheet and the user can create quotations for customers and customers groups conditional to specific quantities or time periods.

- Some features of customer and vendor screens in inventory management module

1. The ability to create customer groups and vendor groups in the warehouse.

2. The ability to create a credit limit for the customer - an order limit for the vendor in inventory management module.

3. Determining the credit limit period.

4. Determining the debt limit period.

5. Linking the customer to an account in the chart of accounts.

6. The ability to determine the type of pricing for the customer (assigning a pricing to the customer).

7. The ability to create a quotation for customers, a request for quotation for a vendor.

8. Converting the quotation to invoice or more than invoice.

9. The ability to create a discount or addition notice to the customer - or to the vendor in the warehouse.

10. Partial payment of the invoice (installment sale).

11. Determining the date of payment of each installment and alarm of date of each installment.

12. Knowing of profit from each customer separately, comparing customer profits.

13. Maturity period (following-up of outstanding repayments and payments, invoiced sales invoices and checks).

1) Branch tree for customer segments

By adding customers in the form of main groups and subgroups unspecified with certain levels of branching, "the user can divide customers into government groups, customers of companies, individual customers and overseas customers," and customers can also be divided into specific geographical segmentation such as Cairo segment, Alexandria segment, Delta segment, and others, through accounts receivable software.

The branching feature benefits in the ability to review detailed reports of customers or overall, for example, the user can review sales and profitability reports for customers of government groups only, or customers of companies only, or both, or all customers.

2) Create a detailed profile for the customer

Given that the customer identification phase is considered one of the most important stages of work on the system and for full control of transactions with the customer, the system provides the user with the following basic definitions on the customer screen:

- Customer Name.

- Phone Number.

- Address.

- Fax.

- E-mail.

- A detailed and comprehensive description of the customer.

- Tax file number.

- Company registration number.

3) Summarizing (balancing) previous transactions

This feature is used in the early stages in dealing with inventory management software when adding customers to the system so that the user can balance the customer’s account in the form of several balances on previous dates and in different currencies, and this feature is useful for knowing accounts receivable aging schedule.

4) Linking the customer to default currency

As the user can link the customer to a specific currency based on his transactions with the customer, such as linking the external customer to the currency of the dollar or the euro.

Thus, sales invoices can be created in the default currency and review the customer's reports in the same currency with the ability to change the currency in the case the user desire.

5) Linking the customer to price lists

The user of inventory management module that support Arabic can link the customer to specific price lists based on the type of dealings with the customer such as linking the customer to the wholesale price list, or linking it to the retail price list or both, and then the user can easily know the selling price to be imposed on the customer in the sales invoice.

6) Linking the customer to a specific technician

The feature of linking the customer to a specific technician is one of the important characteristics that mainly serve companies that work in the field of maintenance and installation contracts where contracts and bills for selling installation and maintenance services can be recorded and a specific technician is selected to perform the service for the customer.

7) Regulating and controlling tax transactions with the customer

If a distinction can be made between the taxable customer and the non-taxable customer, as well as the external customer, and the tax distinction feature of the customer is useful for producing tax reports and value-added returns where it is planned in accordance with the disclosure law independently of sales to external customers as well as sales to tax-exempt customers.

On the other hand, this feature is useful in ensuring that users responsible for sales and billing are not wrong.

8) Creating a credit policy in dealing with customers

The system user can set a credit policy to deal with old and new customers based on the company’s system followed by setting indebtedness (debt ceiling) for each customer independently, when issuing credit bills for a customer that exceeds the credit limit, the system automatically warns the user that the customer is exceeded the debt ceiling or prevent the user from issuing invoices to the customer, and the user can also set a specific debt period for the customer, if he does not pay during the period, the user is warned or prevented from issuing invoices to the customer; both policies can be used simultaneously.

9) Controlling accounting treatment for transactions with customer

By linking with general ledger module, it is possible to select a separate account for the customer in the chart of accounts, as well as a separate account for the discounts granted to the customer and the select of value-added tax and withholding tax accounts for the customer's sales invoices issued.

10) Promotional offers

One of the advantages of inventory management module is the ability to add all the scenarios of promotional offers such as:

- Adding offers for discounts on specific items or all items for a specific time period.

- Adding discounts offers for specific items or all items for specific customers during a specific period.

- Adding promotional offers to obtain free items in the case that the customer purchases a certain amount of items, and free items are obtained from the same offer items or from other items.

- Add promotional offers through which the customer gets free items if he purchases items at a certain value.

- Full support for discount coupons system.

11) Copying customer offers

Inventory management module of AccFlex ERP enables the ability to copy promotional offers offered to specific customers to other customers, instead of creating offers once again for customers and doubling the time and effort.

Provided that the system will automatically implement these promotional offers in case of adding any sales transactions with the customer.

12) Installment of customer indebtedness

The screen of customer installments is specialized with scheduling aging of accounts receivable and related to a specific invoice or group of invoices at certain time periods, provided that the installment received is distinguished from the customer. 

Through the installment screen, the user can add the interests of installments and link them to a separate account in the chart of accounts, taking into account the proper accounting processing of the installment system in accordance with international accounting standards.

13) Customer Notifications

The customer notifications screen is mainly used in making all the settlements for the customers, such as settlements for the remaining small amounts in the customer’s balance or settlements for the purpose of giving the customer a certain discount that is deducted from his account or bad debts settlements, and similarly, and can be done customer debt settlements.

The settlement account (such as a bad debt account) can also be linked to a specific cost center.

14) Closing customer invoices

Closing the customer invoices screen enables linking the customer's invoices outstanding to receipts that were made during a certain period through clearing, which is useful for producing accurate reports of accounts receivable aging.

15) Merging Customers 

Implementing merging the customers feature in case of error in the treatment, especially in the case that there is more than one person responsible for issuing invoices to customers and treatment each person the invoices on different accounts for the same customer and from here the user uses the customer merging feature to merge all the transactions that done on a particular customer to another customer.

16) Speeding in adding customers

By adding customers all at once of external Excel sheet with all the characteristics required to be defined in order to save time and effort.

- Sales Planning:

Through inventory management module, you can set the sales plan for the period and update it monthly, or set a fixed value for all months.

- Integrated documentary cycle for sales processes:

The sales module provides the user with different scenarios of the sales cycle, depending on the nature and system of work in the organizations.

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The sales cycle in inventory management module of AccFlex ERP starts by sending a quotation in response to a customer inquiry, and then the quotation status can be changed from being in process to approved quotation to the customer or denied.

And if the customer approved the quotation, the user can create a sale invoice directly from the quotation or move to the next stage of the sales cycle.

- Sales Order:

It is the next stage of the stage of sending the quotation to the customer. The sales manager can issue a sales order with reference to the quotation sent to the customer.

- Issuing Invoice:

Completing the sales transaction of the customer by issuing a sales invoice, and the sales invoice is imported directly from the sale order, and based on the sales invoice the system automatically records the sales transaction journal entries in general ledger module.

In the absence of quantities in all the previous stages, the user can add a purchase requisition and completing the procurement cycle to provide the quantities required from the customer.

- Issue Voucher:

After the stage of issuing the sales invoice, an issue voucher can be added to warehouse management, including the quantities dispensed from the items.

- Invoice Disbursement:

This feature is used as a substitute for the issue voucher stage where the customer can issue invoices in multiple stages and not all at once using the issue invoice screen, the customer’s dispensed quantities and the remaining quantities can be tracked.

The sales cycle in the accounting software of AccFlex is characterized by flexibility in the stages, it is not required to start from the first stage in the cycle, and the stages and sequence of work are determined by the sales department according to the size and nature of the company's activity.

- Sales Representative Management:

The user can add sales representatives and specify the commissions due to each representative based on the targeted performance, whether the target is specific quantities or specific selling values, the vendor can also link specific items without others, in all cases, the representative screen can be linked to human resource (HR) module to entitle bonuses and sales commissions and payment them with the salary.

- An integrated system for sales processes in installments management

The system provides the possibility of creating installment plan for the customer based on the installment policy established by the company’s management, and the advantages of the installment system in AccFlex ERP software are:

- The ability to install a certain invoice or multiple invoices for the customer.

- The ability to split the due payments into weekly, monthly, or yearly.

- The ability to set interest for installments based on the policy followed in installments sale processes.

- Proper accounting treatment according to the Egyptian Accounting Standards in processing installments sales processes.

- Separating the interest payments on installments from the sales proceeds.

- Items offers and promotions

The company management can place one or more promotional offers on the items available for sale in different scenarios such as:

- Discount offers of a certain value or percentage if the customer purchases a certain quantity of an item or group of items.

-  Free gift offers or obtain an additional quantity from the same item or from another item in the case that the customer purchases a certain amount of item.

- Offers discounts on certain items if the customer purchases certain quantities of other items.

In all cases, the offer may be limited to a group of specific customers, to a specific branch, or to specific items, and offers may also be applied to all customers, items, and company warehouses.

Procurement cycle and supplier management in AccFlex ERP system:

The Procurement and supply chain management system in software package that operate with ERP System from AccFlex ERP provides a flexible documentary and accounting cycle linked to inventory management module on a centralized database.

The system also supports an integrated work cycle for managing all tasks of the procurement activity and suppliers’ relationships in the company, from creating a purchase requisition for items submitted by the concerned department to determine the source of supply and adding purchase orders, monitor purchase orders, receive goods and billing.

To control tax transactions, it can be determined whether the supplier is exempt from tax, an external supplier, or subject to tax.

Among the advantages of procurement and supply chain management system in AccFlex ERP Software:

- Chart of Suppliers:

The supplier list can be added in the form of a branch tree, and the supplier definition page includes the basic data definitions of supplier in terms of name, address, contact numbers, email and branch, as well as linking the supplier to a specific group of items and other data.

The supplier's credit policy, such as the debt period and the debt limit, can also be established to find out the overdue debt due to suppliers.

- Detailed Supplier Reports:

AccFlex ERP Software package is characterized by providing users with multiple detailed reports to translate the company's activity in all aspects, and due to the sensitivity of supplier transactions, the system provides an important set of explanatory reports, the most important of which are the following:

- Supplier Data Report.

- Supplier statement of Account Report in transactions.

- Detailed Supplier statement of Account Report.

- Supplier Notices Report.

- Accounts Payable Aging Report.

- Unpaid Supplier Invoices Report.

- Supplier Profitability Report.

- Tax Transactions for suppliers Report.

- Flexible Business Cycle:

The user can add purchase invoices in one step only and can record invoices through an integrated business cycle starting from

- The purchase requisition submitted by the concerned department includes the required items.

- Accordingly, whether or not quantities are availability in the warehouses are checked, then requests for quotation (RFQs) are sent to different suppliers, received, compared, and the best quotations are selected.

- Creating purchase orders with reference to requests for quotation (RFQ) provided by suppliers.

- Creating purchase orders for suppliers with reference to purchase requisitions.

- Creating delivery notes with quantities with reference to purchase orders.

- Creating purchase invoices based on the note or group of delivery notes.

- Creating warehouse warrant based on approved invoices.

The procurement cycle of AccFlex ERP Software is characterized by complete flexibility, so it is possible to start at any stage of the cycle and the user does not adhere to specific stages in a sequential manner.

- Flexible Billing System:

Regular and tax billing notebooks can be created at the level of each branch that the system automatically number the bills according to their type if they are tax or regular, which can limit the tax bills produced from the system as well as regular bills, as well as producing all sales and profitability reports on the basis of tax bills or regular or both.

- Accuracy in calculating the cost of warrants:

The cost of the warrant is included in the purchase price plus all the necessary costs so that the inventory is ready for use for the purpose for which it was purchased, such as shipping costs, transportation, customs fees, gratuities, charge costs, etc.

 The procurement system provides the ability to describe and define the service items that are added to the cost of items in the inbound transaction, and the original invoice, the main items of a particular supplier can be added and other services to different suppliers such as shipping and transportation to the supplier of freight and gratuities and charge to other creditors, the cost of the items is recorded in the total entitlements to the suppliers, each according to the price of the item or the service provided.

- Journal Entry of Inventory Management Module:

Dr Inventory 

Cr Vendor (x)

Cr Shipping Supplier

Cr Customs Authority

Cr other creditors & gratuities

- Accurate details of inbound transactions:

The software's screens are characterized by presenting the most accurate details of the transaction, whether purchasing or sale transactions, etc., to support the user with sufficient detailed information according to certain authorizations to control the type of data that appears to the user, purchases invoices entry screen contains detailed data such as:

- Last Purchase Price of the Item.

- Last Purchase Price of the Item from the supplier.

- Sale price of the item.

- Cost center.

- Expiration date.

- Item discount and group discount.

The most important reports of the procurement and supply chain management:

- Printing purchases invoices for during a specific time period, and can be filtered in series, warehouse, and supplier, items and due date.

- Printing combined and detailed purchase transactions, and can be filtered in series, warehouse, supplier, items, and due date.

- Supplier Purchases Reports.

- Monthly Procurement Net Report.

- Items Purchased Earnings Reports.

Features of Accounts Receivable Software of Accflex ERP System

The most important Accounts Receivable Reports in Accflex ERP System

- Detailed Customer Data Report

- Consolidated Customer Balance Summary Report

- Detailed Customer Account Statement Report

- Overall Customer Account Statement Report

- Accounts Receivable Aging Report

- Customer Notifications Report

- Tax Transactions for Customers Report

- Unpaid Customer Invoices Report

- Customer Sales Analysis Report

- Average Selling Price of Items for Specific Customer Report

And other important reports, the user can display the report at the level of a specific branch or group of branches grouped.

Sales and Billing Management Software

Sales and Billing Management Software is one of the important modules of AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software, and it is mainly used in organizing and managing sales process starting from adding customers, completing the sales cycle (Order to Cash), issuing invoices and ending with tracking collection and closing accounts receivable.

The software provides an important set of various reports related to profitability, volume and value of sales, and the extent to which the targeted performance is achieved through reports matching the actual performance with the targeted performance using the sales budget.

What does the Sales and Billing Management Software offer?

The most important Sales and Billing Management Software Reports in AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software:

- Net Sales of Customer 

- Monthly Net Sales of Customer

- Profitability of Customer Sales at the Branch Level

- Average Sales per Customer

- Detailed Customer Sales Profitability 

- Grouped Sales Transaction

- Top Selling Items

- Profitability of Item Sales

- Profitability of Sales of Service Items

- Sales and Profitability of Items by Group

Inventory Transfers (Warehouse-to-Warehouse) Transactions

Inventory transfers (warehouse-to-warehouse) transactions and controlling transfer transactions represent one of the most important roles and responsibilities of the finance department, and Inventory Management Software provides complete control of transfers between warehouses, both managerially and accounting, through the receiving manager ordering the items to be transferred and, after approval of them, dispatcher warehouse manager transfers the items to the receiving warehouses to receive it and then the system automatically creates journal entries for the transfer process.

Inventory Adjustment Transactions

Inventory Management Software provides the ability to make inventory adjustment transactions for items in warehouses, whether they are adjustment transactions to issue items from warehouses to use company departments internally or issuing for different uses and to settle depreciation of inventory items. It is possible to make an adjustment for an infinite number of items in one transaction and link the adjustment of each item to different settlement accounts in the chart of accounts provided that the system automatically treatment journal entries on the various accounts for settlement and links them to different cost centers according to the vision and directions of the user.

The system also provides the ability to create return transactions for warehouses "adjustment with an increase" in the case of an increase in items as a result of the physical inventory or get items from different sources other than the suppliers.

1- Screens to Generate Inter-Warehouse Transfers

 Inter-Warehouse Transfer process is one of the important processes that greatly affect the items balances and given the importance of these inventory transactions (transfer processes), Inventory Management Software  of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software has provided a set of unique screens that play the role of inter-warehouse transfer and another to receive transfer requests and all these screens are linked to the authorizations of users through which they can allow for a specific user to create a transfer transaction and another to confirm it, the software also creates inter-warehouse transfer journal entries automatically and also re-evaluates the inventory items balances automatically once the transfers are complete.

2- A screen to adjust Inter-Warehouse Transfers Transactions

The Inter-Warehouse Transfers Transactions Adjustment screen is one of the strengths of AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software that distinguishes it from many accounting software since it can through this screen to search for all transfer transactions between warehouses, which had a difference in the cost of items and once clicking the Readjust All Transactions in a split second, all the inventory transactions are readjusted and impacting on all the inventory reports.

3- Screens to Create Goods Receipt and Goods Issue

The system of work in Inventory Management Software is based on the creation of all goods receipt and goods issue transactions automatically through the purchase invoices and sales invoices, and as a kind of flexibility and make it easier for users, the software has enabled to create goods receipt and goods issue transactions through the Goods Receipt and Goods Issue screens for any internal reason as purchasing (spare parts of a company car) are internally issued, as well as receipt stationary and notebooks to document warehouse and others, thus increasing the flexibility of the work.

Smart Inventory Management System

Inventory Management Software provides a smart inventory management system for items in the warehouse through the user creating a new stocktaking from the warehouses and the software takes a screenshot of the balance of the items from the warehouses on that date and after entering the actual values of the balances of the items in the warehouses, the software compares the physical inventory with the values of the items in the system and produces the results of the stocktaking and showing the items of deficit and increases, taking into account the sales and purchase transactions that done during the stocktaking.

1- Creating a Stocktaking Process at any time

If your company follows the periodic inventory method or the perpetual inventory method, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software is suitable for your company; the software is designed for all activities, whether it follows a periodic or perpetual inventory, which the stocktaking process can be created at any time of the year without being restricted a specific date for creating the stocktaking process.

2- Performing inventory adjustments automatically

After you have done stocktaking, you do not need to make the inventory adjustments, after making the physical inventory and adding it to the software (as it is possible to export the inventory list to an Excel file and re-import it to the software to the same Excel file) so the software automatically calculates the difference between the actual balance and the book balance and creating journal entries (receipt/ issue) automatically based on the stock-taking process results.

3- A screen to monitor the branch performance

Inventory Management Software provides a screen through which the performance of a specific branch or all branches can be monitored for quantities of sales, purchases, and top-selling items, and also for the stagnant items, total profits and costs, and have a set of smart charts and reports that provide information to specialized and non-specialized users as simple as possible.

How does the Inventory Management Software inventory control and stocktaking?

The Inventory Management Software performs an integrated inventory management in light of a full authorizations system on the inventory management software, screens and data that ensures effective control of inventory. The Inventory Management Software also provides a unique set of important analytical reports that provide real-time information about inventory in terms of size, cost, and sales value to inventory control accurately


What is the barcode method in inbound and outbound inventory management software? 

Barcode method is one of the methods used AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software to enter data for receiving items purchase invoice as well as items issued sales invoice through the use of a barcode reader in all stages of work on the system to ensure the ease of creating transactions as the system provides more than one way to items coding to be one item has more than one user code.


What are the ways to organize warehouses in the Inventory Management Software?

The Inventory Management Software provides full flexibility in organizing the warehouses and items in a way that meets the needs of the company and that ensures easy methods for the stocktaking and physical inventory counts in the places designated for each item in addition to the ease of searching for items in the warehouse.


What is the ideal way to create inventory item hierarchy? 

Methods of coding and creating hierarchies differ in warehouses and are one of the best methods of coding is coding and defining items in hierarchical tree structure into a group of sublevels and major levels, which contributes to knowledge of information and aggregated and detailed data based on all branches


How to control sales transactions through the Inventory Management Software? 

One of the main tasks of the Inventory Management Software is to create sales invoices and control sales transactions in terms of the date of the transaction and select the customer to be sold and the ways of creating the sales invoices differ either directly i.e. from the sales invoices or the sales cycle that passes the stage of the quotations, a sales order, an issuance stock voucher, and sales invoice.


What is the best Inventory Management Accounting Software?

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software is one of the best inventory management accounting software and is completely responsible for the full document cycle of each of the inventory, sales, and purchases.


How to Evaluate Inventory Management Accounting Software?

The effectiveness of the Inventory Management Accounting Software is evaluated by the ease of handling in creating sales invoices and purchasing invoices and items coding according to the business activity of each company.


How Much Does Inventory Management Accounting Software Cost?

The prices of the Inventory Management Software provided by AccFlex ERP System are suitable for all large and medium-sized companies, regardless of the nature of the business 

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