Features of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution 

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution represents one of the important parts of the integrated package of manufacturing processes and is dedicated to companies of concrete products and their equipment, which operates in a coherent and integrated manner with General Ledger Software, Inventory Management Software, and Treasury & Banking Software. Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution provides an integrated production system for manufacturing ready mix concrete products of various types in terms of content and concrete compressive strength; it also provides an integrated quality control and manufacturing system, and a system for machinery and equipment maintenance.

Watch the work cycle of Best Ready Mix Concrete Software

Ready Mix Concrete Solution of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is the best accounting software for ready mix concrete activity management. Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution covers all ready mix concrete production stages, starting from the procurement of raw materials going through the concrete production stages, ending with the delivery and sale of the finished product, and calculating profit and loss.


Accuracy and Flexibility of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution provides a full cycle for ready mix concrete activity management, including all manufacturing activities, financial accounting, as well as it is characterized by a high degree of flexibility that provides you to customize the software to suit the nature of your business and Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution is characterized from other accounting software with enough flexibility that makes of the possibility of bringing about change in the company and switching from the manual work system as soon as possible.Accuracy and Flexibility of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution

Importing from Excel

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution supports the possibility of importing from Excel, and the software can be used to more than one branch and linking all branches to each other into a single database, as well as a full manufacturing process control system starting from warning messages when an error occurred and alert messages when needed and authorizations setting screens.

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1- Features of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution

- Working on more than one batching plant with each other, with the ability to transfer vehicles (cost centers) between batching plants (branches).

- Monitoring concrete production process, starting from entering of the raw materials ending with preparing and manufacturing concrete.

- Automatic alert for inventory quantities of raw materials.

-A Powerful manufacturing software where can be created more than one model to manufacture a finished product to use the model in every example production process.

- Concrete Model Compressive Strength 250 kg/cm2.

- Concrete Model Compressive Strength 350 kg/cm2.

- Linking the finished product to the raw materials with the ability to changing one of the components at the time of production in case the quantities run out or the substitution of another item.

- The ability to manufacture to sell directly: Manufacturing quantities and selling them directly to the customer in one step.

- Detailed Reports on Manufacturing Process and matching them to Laboratory Reports.

- The ability to create service invoices only (freight - maintenance -…..).

- The ability to create invoices with a compound tax at the invoice level and the item level.

- Calculating the cost and revenue of vehicles, mixers, and pumps (cost centers) to know the loss and profit in detail.

- Warehouses of spare parts, supplies, raw materials, etc. with an alert that the inventory has reached the reorder point.

- Detailed reports on Inventory Status, Item Card, and Item Sales reports.

- The ability to produce an income statement and a balance sheet for each branch separately.

- The ability to produce a consolidated income statement and a consolidated balance sheet for the company.

- Ready Mix Concrete Solution of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is specially designed for ready mix concrete companies and manufacturing companies through programmers and accountants specialized in the field of manufacturing.

- Creating an infinite number of direct and indirect costs and linking them to the product (Ready-Mix Concrete).

- A fair and accurate allocation of indirect costs and calculating product cost as accurately as possible (automatically).

What does Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution offer?

Linkages with Production Equipment

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution can be linked with production equipment and concrete mixing, by linking the operational system and system database, hence, production processes can be fully automated without the need for human intervention.

Chart of Concrete Plants

One of the most important advantages of ready mix concrete AccFlex ERP solution is the complete description of the ready mix concrete batching plants in a coded hierarchy which are central plants and sub- plants, and producing detailed reports on the performance of each plant separately, as well as producing consolidated reports to judge the performance of the plants as a whole.

Full warehouses description

Warehouses for each plant can be created separately, and central warehouses can be added to serve all plants.

A complete chart of items for raw materials and ready mix concrete products

Through item coding of component raw materials to ready mix concrete, as well as describing the types of ready mix concrete by its items in terms of content, concrete compressive strength and the mix design for each type of concrete "of cement, sand, water and crushed-stone aggregate, etc."

The Ability to Add Service Items

The user can add service items such as pumping service, pumps rental service, pumps, and selling them by ready mix concrete invoices. Provided that the system will automatically proper accounting treatment by separating the ready mix concrete products sales and sales of related services in line with the requirements of taxation laws and accounting standards.

Integration with other subsystems

The subsystems" Inventory Management Software, Treasury & Banking Software, Human Resources (HR) Software, etc." operate in an integrally on a centralized database, which facilitates data comparisons processes and producing analytical reports at the level of all departments of the organization.

Creating infinitely many equipment and linking them to production orders

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution provides you to create infinitely many equipment whether it is production equipment- vehicles- marketing equipment and you can also create a group of workers and link labor costs and equipment to production orders to make production costs as accurately as possible.

A set of alerting and warning messages in case of an error occurs during the manufacturing

When creating a production order, Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution provides you with a set of warning messages in case of any error, through Availability Check button, Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution checks the quantities of the raw material items, if the quantities are not sufficient, a warning message will display that the quantities of raw materials are insufficient, as well as if there is a difference in any of the raw material/ finished product cost items, a set of alert messages shows that help you to correct errors to complete the production order (production process) Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution thus provides a complete model for managing ready-mix concrete production and cost calculation.
Concrete Program

Creating Journal Entries Automatically

AccFlex ERP System in all its modules is based on the automation, the software creates journal entries for all transactions that are recorded to Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution automatically without any intervention from the user, which facilitates the functions and duties of the finance department and once any of the transactions have occurred (a production order- a sales invoice- ....) are affected all related accounts, also all accounts payable and accounts receivable balances in addition to affecting all costs and adjusting them automatically, to help in producing the most cost-effective product.

Open Work Orders Report 

Through the Open Work Orders report, it is possible to display all raw material quantities that were withdrawn from the raw material warehouse during manufacturing and were not added to the finished product warehouse (Ready-Mix Concrete), as these quantities of raw materials are in a manufacturing process transit warehouse and through this report, it is possible to identify in-process inventory for complete it.

Features of the operational system of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution

AccFlex ERP system provides an operational system to manage ready mix concrete production processes with the greatest possible efficiency and quality. Some of these key features can be overviewed as follows:

1- Adding Discrete Production Processes for each Concrete Plant

With a detailed explanation of the types of concrete products that each does plant, and then releasing discrete production orders for each plant independently, to evaluate the performance of each plant independently, as well as producing sales reports and standard deviation for each plant.
Concrete Program- Production Process

2- Flexible Production Cycle for Ready-Mix Concrete Companies

The user responsible for production planning can directly create and release production orders, through the production orders user interface screen, or create production orders recalled from sales orders that the sales organization previously created. Production orders can also be released based on a production plan designed on the system in advance.

3- Scheduling Production Orders

Through the previous set of job orders costing added to the system, a master production plan can be created that includes the products to be produced within the time period specified in the plan, as well as the labor needs plan, operating hours required and material requirements for the production process for concrete mixers, concrete pumps, monitors, and drivers…..etc.

4- An integrated system for the pricing of customer projects

By creating price lists that include the prices of ready mix concrete of various types, and then linking each customer to their price list.

5- An Integrated system for quality

It includes the entry of periodic data on raw materials, external materials testing and concrete mixture and producing reports comparing quality standards with actual results.

6- Accurate Determination of Job Order Costing

The user can set the job orders costing from raw materials, industrial wages and indirect costs. By adding types of costs and linking them to the production process.

7- Accurate Bases for Distribution of Indirect Costs

Indirect costs can be distributed using an appropriate distribution basis, such as machines working hours, raw material cost, production units, manual value, etc.

8- Standard Deviations Reports

These can be produced at the level of job order costing and the level of production processes as a whole.

9- Production Order Processing with Third-Party

Which may be in the case of lack of production capacity or in the case of the plant malfunction for any reason, it can be recorded as the production order processing with third-party.

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution (Ready mix concrete batching plants management and block software for Plants and companies of ready mix concrete and construction companies) provides an important set of analytical reports used to determine the cost of the product from materials, wages and indirect manufacturing expenses, as well as provides analysis information on manufacturing cost deviations and proper accounting treatment according to the production order system compatible with the nature of ready mix concrete activity.

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution, which operates with ERP system consists of the following main screens arranged according to the stages of the production process and the work cycle in ready mix concrete activity.

Defining and Characterizing of Ready Mix Concrete Products

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP solution provides an integrated warehouse system through integration with inventory management module through which the items are defined and described in a branch tree in the form of main groups and unspecified subgroups, and the raw material items can be defined in detail as well as describing the finished products items of concrete, and defining the standard components " Mix Design " for each type of ready mix concrete, with different compressive strength and concrete content.

Concrete Production Processes Screen

Through the production processes screen, the module is defined by the product or finished products that are produced through a single production process, such as the process of producing ready mix concrete and by which the types of ready mix concrete that is produced through this process are identified such as producing a finished product of concrete content 350 compressive strength 250, as well as specifying the standard amount of raw materials for each type of concrete.

Each production process is an integrated production line, "an independent concrete batching plant," which includes the products produced by the ready mix concrete batching plant, therefore, the performance of each batching plant can be compared independently and producing multiple analytical reports.

Production Orders Screen

Through the production orders screen, job order costing is created, starting with the determination of the production process and the products to be manufactured, and the raw materials warehouses are determined from which the raw materials dispended for the production process and as well as determined the finished products warehouses to which the finished product is transferred.

Screen of Production Order with Direct Selling

Sometimes it may happen that the finished product is manufactured and sold directly without warehousing it, such as ready mix concrete industries, screen of production orders with direct selling provide the feature of selling the product directly after the production process, the customer is selected, tax group and discounts group, and the system automatically creates the necessary journal entries to processing the production process and registering of maturity of indebtedness to the customer.

Production Costs Screen

Through the production costs screen, direct costs other than raw materials are determined, "such as direct labor cost" required for the production process, quality engineers salaries and production engineers salaries, as well as, determining the elements of indirect costs such as materials and indirect wages, and linking the direct and indirect costs to its account in the chart of accounts in general ledger module, indirect costs are allocated to the group of production orders produced during a specific period of time.

Manufacturing Processes Control Screen

Through it, the system revaluates the cost of production in the case that the cost of raw materials in the production process is modified to appear correctly.

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution Reports

- Standard Deviation Report for Production Orders

- By Date 

- By warehouse 

- By Date and Warehouse

-  Consolidated Standard Deviation Report

- Consolidated By Warehouse

- Consolidated by Warehouse and item 

- Consolidated for finished product

- Consolidated Finished Products Report

- By Day

- By Month

- By Date

- Consolidated Report for Quantities of Raw Materials

- By Day 

- By Month

- By Date 

- Detailed Report for Quantities of Finished Product

- By Date

- By Serial Number

- By Date and Warehouse

- By Date, Warehouse and Item

- Planned Orders Report

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What is the ready-mix concrete batching plant documents cycle?

The ready-mix concrete batching plant documents cycle varies according to the activity size, the workflow cycle and the size of the labor, the inventory documents cycle can start, for example with a materials receipt note received from the suppliers, then transfer the aggregate of the receipt note to a purchase invoice, as well as the sales cycle, the customer is delivered according to delivery notes and then transferred to a grouped invoice. 


What is the importance of the Ready Mix Concrete Software?

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution is one of the strongest accounting software specialized in this type of activity due to its coverage of the work cycle stages with the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility. The Ready Mix Concrete Solutions covers the following aspects: General Ledger, Inventory Management, Ready Mix Concrete, and Human Resources (HR).


How to manage the profits of ready-mix concrete plants?

Profits are generally managed by companies and especially ready mix concrete companies, by a dividend policy based on the company's internal rules & regulations, legal requirements, and legal entity. For example, part of the profits can be allotted as a reserve requirement or statutory reserve, and the remaining portion is a dividend to shareholders based on the agreed rate on it.


What are the reports provided by Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution?

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution is essential software to provide analytical reports for all stages of the work cycle that are useful for making critical decisions on the financial and operational aspects and Ready Mix Concrete Solution supports Business Intelligence Analysis System, which helps to get information quickly and in summary form.

What is the accounting system in Ready Mix Concrete Plants? 

The accounting system in the Ready Mix Concrete Plants is a system based on manufacturing cost accounting systems, where the cost system is a job order costing based system where the products are produced according to the customer's specifications and standards. The financial system must be linked to the production system through a unified system and provided by AccFlex ERP System.


What is the best software for Ready-Mix Concrete & Block Factories?

Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution is one of the strongest accounting software specialized in managing the ready-mix concrete activity because it provides full flexibility and automation for all departments of the ready-mixed concrete companies finance, warehouses, production, human resources, maintenance.


What is the evaluation of the Ready-Mix Concrete ERP Software?

The criteria for evaluating accounting software differ in light of the software's capabilities in covering the cycle of ready-mix concrete and the adequacy of the information provided through the set of reports submitted through the system.


How Much Does Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution Cost?

The prices of Ready Mix Concrete AccFlex ERP Solution vary depending on the number of users in the system and the system sub-modules used.

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