About Accflex

AccFlex was established in 2011, with a team of 3 employees, who did a lot of work and continued the process of development with them and those who joined them throughout these years, until the number of employees in Accflex today reached 53 employees. With the help of experienced and qualified programmers, and distinguished workers at Accflex, we produced the best ERP account programs, and we have always made sure that these programs are accurate, easy to use and flexible, and that our customers get the best technical support services, and these features are the reason why we got the confidence of about 1000 customers, as our accounting systems won Many companies, factories, institutions, banks and restaurants are trusted by them

Our mission

That our customers get the best accounting programs with accounting standards and principles, which are accurate and flexible in addition to ease of use, so that everyone can use and trust them, in addition to our constant keenness on speed in solving emergency problems, and the speed of response when there are any new requirements, so we have a service Excellent technical support equipped with the latest means.

Our vision

The ERP accounts software group should be used in all companies, factories, institutions, banks and restaurants of the Middle East of all sizes, in order to facilitate the management processes, to reach a higher level of accuracy, and to achieve more success for all our partners.

Our principles and values

The most important principles that we strive to preserve since the founding of AccFlex in 2011 until now are commitment, endeavor, honesty and equality.