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Your guide to choose the best cloud accounting program

Your guide to choose the best cloud accounting program

Your guide to choose the best cloud  accounting program
Published By Omar Safwat 12 January 2021
Your guide to choose the best cloud accounting program

The growth in programming industry specially in accounting programs , has made many companies to buy these programs to meet their needs in business organization and human resources management  . The  modern   means included in these programs which help the company to make  right decisions  and develop in business .  SO  companies need accounting programs that has the ability to manage more business and branches regardless their geographical distance in an instant way  in order to help them in administration . They can input millions of bills and data of all branches using one data basis through which they can get instant reports to help in making decisions .

Therefore an online accounting program or cloud program is needed because it basically depends on one data basis that is not connected to a server as in traditional programs . Instead  it is a cloud  data basis on the internet so any branch can use the program with user name and password anywhere and anytime to input data and do other procedures or get reports . This saves time and effort and enables companies to manage  their business whatever its size or branches .

What is the cloud accounting program ?

The cloud accounting program represents the technological development of traditional accounting programs  that depends mainly on office work and an internal internet web to connect the devices with each other . Consequently any device out of  reach of 

the internal web has no role in data input and reports output . With the increasing activities that need a large geographical zone and a big number of branches such as hypermarkets , banks and others , there has to be an accounting program based on a cloud data basis on the internet to enable all users , whatever their distance, to input data anytime . Therefore accounting reports in the online accounting program are always updated and easy to obtain anytime . It is a comprehensive accounting program  that companies can depend on completely .

Fields of the cloud accounting program :

The  fields of the cloud accounting program are various because it can be applied in all activities and business . It can be applied on companies with different  sizes . There are a lot of versions of the program as there is an accounting system for small , medium and large  companies  as well as programs for  manufacturing companies , commercial  companies , real estate investment companies , construction companies , precast concrete companies , human resources management companies …………etc. The program is designed on the same  basis of  accounting programs  but it is distinguished by its large data basis and the ability to be managed anywhere . More than one branch in a     chain store    can input  sales invoice  at the same time moreover these bills affect the store balance at once  and  the given reports are more accurate than traditional programs because they are recent and  instant . Cloud accounting programs can also be applied  in industrial companies to follow up the production activity   promptly     as  the input of payment orders  data of  withdrawn  material from stores   to production lines  in a number of distant branches ( for example ,  Egypt , Saudi Arabia ,Italy ) .This helps the company to buy materials whenever the balance decreases so as not to delay production lines . Cloud accounting program plays an important role in construction companies . It connects worksites to the central administration  immediately , so when  the employer responsible for financial charges  inputs data on the cloud accounting program , the administration will be always informed about the site needs which makes the financial status of the company as recent as possible . The data input of financial charge  affects  the balance of stores  , purchases , clients , suppliers , treasury , banks and others  and also makes reports more accurate in order to  enable the administration to make right decisions promptly .

How to choose the best cloud accounting program ?

To choose the best cloud accounting program , there are some characteristics that it must include :

1 – The cloud accounting program must save data on a cloud owned by the company to enable it to keep data anytime with no need to consult the owner company of the cloud.

2- The cloud accounting program has to be presented in more than one language (for example , English and Arabic ) because programs that support more than one language are best for the companies which plan for enlargement . There might be foreign branches of the company in the future , hence the employers will need a program in English to use . Of course this will save the cost of buying another accounting program .

3 – The cloud accounting program must apply accounting criteria . It should be designed on the basis of applying the international accounting criteria and established management  ways . This is better for companies that want to make the best use of its human resources . 

4 – A cloud accounting program supports the property of data import and export from Excel . As a tool of financial accounting  , Excel occupies a big part of business file . The cloud accounting program should import and export Excel data in a part of a second to make business easy and flexible .

The advantages of the best cloud accounting program :

Accflex is one of the best cloud accounting programs in Egypt and the Arab World . Accflex is designed to meet the established international accounting criteria so it makes it easy to manage the company financial accounts as accurate as possible . The program makes the ideal use of company resources as well  as  the instant data input or reports review anytime and anywhere . In addition to the special reports that help in making the proper decisions anytime . Moreover the program supports data import from Excel files  and exports reports to more than one version ( Excel , Word , PDF …….)

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