Best Apparel Manufacturing Software of AccFlex ERP System

Published By Omar Safwat
Date of publication 2020 July 26

افضل برنامج حسابات مصنع ملابس من منظومة برامج حسابات أكفليكس

The apparel industry is classified as one of the most important industries that meet the needs of large customer segmentation. Clothing is one of the most important needs of humans after food and drink. Hence, the apparel industry has acquired this great importance in our lives, as the apparel is characterized as one of the labor-intensive industries (which needs a lot of manual labor) to complete the manufacturing process, making it one of the most important elements of the national economy, as it provides many job opportunities that reduce unemployment and increase domestic product, and many countries in the recent period have also turned to attention to this industry due to the foreign exchange it provides and increases the export opportunities for the countries, and the products of ready-made garments factories vary according to the desire of customers and designs based on the public decency, they are always in constant development, and given that most ready-made garment factories do not only depend on the distribution to wholesalers or retailers, but these factories make the sales outlets to increase their profits and  introducing the company to the ultimate consumer. The garment factories management by the traditional methods (paper-based) has become very difficult and complicated due to the difficulty of recording all sales transactions that are made for all branches at the same time, as well as the difficulty of monitoring inventory balances for each item, as well as the difficulty of transfer  between warehouses, in addition to, it is difficult to point of sale management in terms of revenues and expenses daily, as well as calculating the wages and salaries of this huge number of workers and employees and recording time & attendance is very complicated and certainly, all of this will affect the ability to the production process management and monitor it and then calculate costs accurately. All of this will inevitably lead to more losses for the garment factory and the collapse of the company in the shortest possible time and its bankruptcy, and then it was necessary to use one of Apparel Management Software, and perhaps in this article, we review AccFlex ERP System for Apparel Industry, which is one of the Best Apparel Management Software in Egypt and the Middle East, because of its accuracy in calculating costs and ease of implementation as well as the experience gained from thousands of customers for garment factories either in Egypt or in the Arab world.

AccFlex ERP System for Apparel Industry Management

The continuous updating and development of AccFlex ERP System screens for apparel industry management have earned it the customer trust, the company is concerned with adding everything new to its software screens in line with the international accounting standards and accounting systems in this field, as well as the presence of a great customer service team makes it easier for the garment factory to work, and eliminates any problem the company may face during the implementation of the software, and for apparel manufacturing management, AccFlex ERP System provides software package that covers all the needs of each garment factory department. 

AccFlex ERP System for Apparel Industry Management

AccFlex Production Planning Software for Apparel Industry

Garment manufacturing process is characterized by its multiple stages, there are (Design- Pattern Preparation- Cutting- Sewing- Finishing- Mass production- Ironing- Packaging) and what is required by the presence of many machines necessary to manage the production process in the garment factory such as (cloth cutting machine, sewing machines, overlock sewing machine, stitch machine, ironing machine, etc.) in addition to the presence of raw materials for manufacturing such as (fabric- sewing threads- yarn- dyes- buttons- clothing measuring tape- garment beads- packaging materials- etc.) in addition to the wages of hundreds of workers and staff and manufacturing overhead, as well as the necessity of having more than one warehouse, there are warehouse for raw materials and warehouse for the finished product, through AccFlex Production Planning Software can manufacturing process management with ease and also calculate production costs as accurately as possible, through the Production Menu, it is possible to design each production process, whether it is a sub-production process, and to determine the raw materials needed for their production, as well as the costs (direct and indirect) required for the production process and the spoilage ratio to enable the factory to determine all standard costs for each sub-production process or the finished product, as well as through the Production Process screen, the production stages can be designed based on each stage needed by the finished product and each sub-production process and the confirmation of the finished product which provides a realistic model and drawing a diagram of production processes in the factory, as contracts can be managed and more than one work order is created based on deals with customers, through the Work Order screen, the quantities of the finished product required to be produced (ready-made garment) can be added and the software calculates the quantities of raw materials needed to implement the work order, and the Production Order screen in AccFlex Production Planning Software simulates the production process, through the Production Order screen, the required quantity can be implemented daily from the work orders, so the software provides you the possibility to create a new production order and specify quantities or import quantities from a work order and the production process is done with ease, once you click the "Raw Material Withdrawal" button from the raw material warehouse and add it to the finished product warehouse for each sub-production process or the finished product, the production process is completed and the software automatically withdraws the quantities from the raw material warehouse and adds them to the finished product warehouse, as well as calculating the direct costs associated with the product and adding them to the final cost of the product, AccFlex Production Planning Software also has the flexibility to change the planned raw materials quantities and add the actual quantities during the production process, as well as change the standard working hours to produce the finished product (ready-made garment) and add the actual hours spent to produce the product, the software also provides you a screen through which you can add an infinite number of the elements of direct and indirect cost and determine the allocation base them to the product as well as another screen through which indirect costs can be allocated during a specific period to the finished product (ready-made garment) and another screen for adjusting product costing automatically, in addition to a unique set of reports covering all aspects of production processes and costs (Cost Variance Analysis Report- Completed Work Orders Report- BOM Stock Report- Open Work Orders Report- Work Order Status Report- etc.) Finally, AccFlex Production Planning Software is ​​the most suitable software for apparel manufacturing management with the process costing and mass production as well as numerous and diverse costs, the software has the flexibility to change and ease in the implementation, making it the ideal choice for readymade garment manufacturing.

AccFlex Production Planning Software for Apparel Industry

AccFlex ERP General Ledger  Software for Apparel Industry

Through AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software, can managing the accounts of garment manufacturers, and the software contains all the menus and screens through which the accounts of garment manufacturers can be managed, and the software features the following

1- The ability to divide the accounting periods of the manufacturing company into one accounting period, two accounting periods, four accounting periods (a period every 3 months), twelve-month accounting period (monthly accounting periods) and the finance department can close each period, posting its balances, depreciation of assets over the period, and posting its revenues and expenses automatically from the software.

2-  The ability to divide the tax periods into four tax periods (a period every 3 months) with the possibility of preparing Form no (41 Withholding and Collection) and adding tax payment data (check number- tax amount- payment date- details- etc.).

3- A flexible chart of accounts through which you can create an infinite number of the parent accounts and child accounts with a set of features that can be performed through the Chart of Accounts screen such as

A- The ability to transfer an account created by mistake to the correct group while saving the new properties of the account.

B- The ability to transfer journal entries created on an account by mistake to the correct account in a split second without the need to cancel the journal entries and re-enter them with the possibility of saving the incorrect account or delete it.

C- The ability to design an infinite number of custom screens for specific transactions such as (Receipts Screen, Payments Screens, Bank Screen, Treasury Screen, Cash Transfers Screen, etc.) to help customization, thereby increasing control and reducing errors.

4- The ability to create an infinite number of branches and cost centers and assigning them to accounts.

5- Dealing with multiple currencies in the software with the possibility to change the currency exchange rate at any time.

6- The Create Journal Entry screen through which an infinite number of journal entries can be easily created by adding the account number, selecting, or adding journal entries data from an Excel file,  an infinite number of journal entries can be added in a split second, and attachments to the journal entries can be added as a kind of reference.

7- A screen to review and approve journal entries through which the journal entries can be displayed by (user name, a specific date, reviewed, non-reviewed, journal entry type, etc.) all journal entry details can also be displayed.

8- A screen through which reversing journal entries easily, once selecting the journal entry and click Save.

9- A complete system of tax transactions such as the Create VAT Notifications screen and the Create Withholding and Collection Tax Notifications screen (for the customer/supplier), as well as the tax forms that simulate the reality such as The Value Added Tax - Form-10 and the Form no (41 Withholding and Collection). 

10- The software also provides a unique set of reports that provide the finance department and all company departments with financial information such as (Subsidiary Ledger Reports- Subsidiary Ledger Report- Subsidiary Ledger Report for Cost Centers- Subsidiary Ledger Report for Accounts/Cost Centers) as well as reports on (American General Journal- Budget- Financial Position- Income Statement- Balance Sheet- Trial Balance) the reports can be viewed and exported to more than one format, and the financial statements can be designed or displayed by the template of the software.

AccFlex ERP General Ledger  Software for Apparel Industry

AccFlex ERP Fixed Asset Management Software for Apparel Industry

The garment factory has many machines and equipment that represent a large part of the factory capital such as (sewing machines, cloth cutting machine, overlock sewing machine, ironing machine, stitch machine, etc.) thus, the interest in this machinery and equipment is reflected on the factory’s success, competitiveness, and acquire larger market share, Fixed Asset Management Software should have been used, what is provided by AccFlex ERP Fixed Asset Management Software an ideal model for fixed asset management, which is part of AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software, of course, should have been reflecting on the performance of the garment factory, through AccFlex ERP Fixed Asset Management Software 

1- Creating an infinite number of fixed assets and add them to the software from an Excel file.

2- The ability to create an asset card and add all its data such as (Asset Name- Type of Asset- Date of Adding - Depreciation Method- its Value- Supplier Name- Employee who has custody of assets- Cost Center ....) with the possibility of transferring the asset from one location to another and the software calculates the exact costs of each location (cost center).

3- The ability to create various transactions on the assets (depreciation- disposal- scrapping- selling- appreciation- write-off ...) the software automatically creates journal entries of these transactions and affects the chart of accounts without the need to create journal entries manually.

4-The software provides a unique set of reports that provide all the company departments and senior management with information about the asset such as (Asset Data- Asset Status- Asset Location- Asset Value- Asset Depreciation- Asset Transactions such as selling, scrapping, appreciation, and write-off- Depreciation Calculation Method.... ) and other reports. 

AccFlex ERP Fixed Asset Management Software for Apparel Industry

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software for Apparel Industry

Ready-made garment factories are characterized by enormous and diversified manufacturing, as the factory produces thousands of different products of ready-made garments daily (trousers- shirt- T-shirts- undergarments- etc.) which means the need to have warehouses to add these products as well as the warehouse for raw material (fabric- sewing threads- yarn- packaging supplies- buttons- etc.) with the increase in production volume, it becomes very difficult to rely on traditional methods (paper-based) to monitor these items as well as inventory management and stocktaking, which means that the absence of the necessary information for departments such as (production department- sales department- procurement department- finance department- senior management) and thus the ready-made garment factories failed to manage warehouses but through AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software, which enables you to create an infinite number of warehouses and assign them to branches and cost centers as well as create an infinite number of items, whether raw materials items or finished product items  (ready-made garment) and linking each finished item with its components of raw materials, as well as item coding by adding more than 14 codes to the item and the ability to add and withdraw items from the warehouses through the barcode or from the software directly makes it easier and more accurate to monitoring items, through the software, inventory items opening balances can be added in a split second, as the software supports  the feature of  importing from a Microsoft Excel File, as well as the ability to select the inventory valuation policy to calculate the item cost accurately (weighted average cost (WAC)- FIFO- LIFO) in addition to the possibility of performing stock-taking easily by exporting the book balance of the items to an Excel file and performing a physical inventory and then adding it to the software directly by importing the same data of the Excel file which supports the possibility of performing a periodic inventory of the items and monitoring their balances accurately, as well as, the software performs inventory adjustments automatically by identifying increases or decreases and creating the adjustment entries automatically, in addition to, the software creates all Journal entries for inventory and items transactions automatically and affects the chart of accounts without manual intervention, as AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software provides a set of unique reports on items and warehouses, which helps garment factory departments or sections to inventory management and inventory control as accurately as possible.

AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software for Apparel Industry

Sales and Purchasing Management for Apparel Industry

AccFlex ERP Software package provides a valuable service for a knockdown price, as Inventory Management Software also contains two other software, Procurement & Accounts Payable Software as well as, Sales & Accounts Receivable Software, the software provides a typical procurement cycle that starting from (Determination of Requirements- Determine the source of supply- Vendor Selection- Purchase Order processing- Goods Receipt & Inventory Management- Invoice Verification) the purchasing process can be completed by creating a purchase invoice directly without restricting the previous stages, making the software very flexible, in addition to what is distinguished by the purchase invoice that can be created with reference to the quotation or purchase order or enter the invoice data directly by adding item codes by using the barcode or through the software, in addition to, once the invoice is created the transaction of the item is affected, then the purchased items are added to the warehouses automatically as well as the transaction of warehouses and suppliers, and the software creates the journal entries automatically, concerning suppliers, through the software, an infinite number of suppliers can be created, whether suppliers of (fabric- dyes- sewing thread- sewing machine parts- ...) and linking each supplier with the items that he supplies and selecting the purchase price as well as the quotation for each supplier, and through the supplier card you can know the supplier opening balance and the debits and credits and the current balance in addition to a unique set of reports on warehouse and items such as (Inventory Status- Warehouse Card- Item Card- Reorder- Inventory Summary- Assign Suppliers to an Item- Item Purchase Price) as well as suppliers reports that cover all information such as (Accounts Payable Balance, Purchases, Accounts Payable-Statement of Account, Payables Reconciliation) 

Sales and Purchasing Management for Apparel Industry

As for sales and accounts receivable, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software  provides a typical sales cycle as the sales cycle begins with creating (Customer Quotation- Sales Order- Delivery Note Voucher- Sales Invoice), and a sales invoice can be created directly without being restricted by the previous stages, which increases the flexibility of the software also a sale invoice has many advantages, it can be created with reference to the quotation or purchase order or by entering the data of its items directly by using the barcode or by entering the items from the software as well as it can create a sales return and displays the sale process reports as a whole, as for customers, through the software, the accounts receivable can be  managed accurately by creating an infinite number of customers and selecting whether this customer is cash or credit and determining the customer’s credit limit, the software does not allow the customer’s credit limit to be exceeded, the customer payment status can also be displayed directly through the customer card, in addition to assigning the customer to specific offers or specific items, in addition to the possibility of preparing a sales budget, and you can display all information about the customers and sales through reports (Sales Reports- Sales Return Report- Sales Order Status- Customer Payment Status Report- Customer Statement- Accounts Receivable Reconciliation- Inactive Customers- Unpaid Customer Invoices- Accounts Receivable Aging- Sales Order).

sales and accounts receivable, AccFlex ERP Inventory Management Software  provides

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software for Apparel Industry

It is well known that the ready-made garment manufacturing business is considered one of the labor-intensive activities that require a lot of manpower whether in departments (Pattern Making, Cutting, Fabric Store & Fabric Sourcing, Sewing, Spreading, Finishing, Packaging, Ironing, etc.), this means that there must be a unique software for managing these human resources, calculating check-in & check-out hours, and then calculate payroll that is one of the most important the variable cost elements of ready-made garment manufacturing, and therefore, using AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software helps the garment factory to select the best-skilled manpower by setting recruitment & selection policies, as well as the corporate human resources management and fully take advantage of it, through the appraisal policies through which the employee performance evaluation,  in addition to managing employee accounts such as payroll calculation accurately after deducting the advances and penalties, etc., and also calculating working hours, time and attendance for each employee by biometric integration with the software, with the possibility of setting work policies such as (Overtime Policy, Working on Public Holidays  Policy, Early Departure policy, etc.) In addition to applying social insurance policies, tax policies (such as income tax), etc., and linking each policy to a group of employees, the software applies this policy and automatically calculates net salary and an employee card that enables all the data about the employee to be known as well as creating an employee record, through which can be known the employee events from the employee's start date until the employee's actual termination date, the possibility of requesting and approving or rejecting employee leave through the software without wasting more time in the leave request procedures, and the employee clearance procedure through the software and calculating the end of service gratuity as well as other transactions that can be performed through AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software, the software contains a set of reports that provide the human resources department, finance department, and senior management with information about the employee or employee accounts that need.

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software for Apparel Industry

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