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Published By Omar Safwat
Date of publication 2020 June 28

Real estate marketing is considered one of the most developed areas in the recent period; many companies that work in the field of real estate marketing, both by managing property owned by them or by managing and selling property owned by a third party, real estate marketing always depends primarily on the information marketing by providing accurate information to customers about the required real estate unit that meets their needs in a way that leads to the sale of the unit and the completion of the transaction of the sale, hence the role of the information for real estate marketing companies, accurate information about real estate or units with all their details and prices, whether units or projects owned by the company or not owned and that the real estate marketing company only manages, certainly yields results in real estate companies for completing their sales transaction, as well as having the customer database and following them to meet their needs also has a role in the completion of sale transactions, in addition to information about the parties associated with the project such as investors, vendors and brokers, all this information and data are considered the most important elements that real estate marketing companies need, and because of the advantages of accounting software in having a database that contains an infinite number of information that can be displayed at any time, accounting software has a significant role in real estate marketing companies management, facilitating their work and contributing to their success, in addition, there are software that work to real estate marketing companies management, complete transactions and contribute to calculating the costs, contract management, reservation, creating accounting journal entries and other advantages, perhaps the most prominent of these software is AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software, which it is considered one of the best real estate marketing software in Egypt and the Arab world, and we will cover the most important advantages of AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software cycle.

AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software Cycle

AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software cycle is based on organization and comprehensiveness, the software provides all the needs of the real estate marketing company of data, information, and screens through which the real estate marketing activity management, in addition to the accurate organization of menus and screens, each menu contains a similar set of screens, the software is divided into six main menu (Settings menu- Brokers &Vendors menu- Reservation, Contracts, and Project Management menu- Investors menu- Customer & Customer Service menu- Units & Projects menu) we will discuss these menus in detail as follows

First, Settings Menu

Through the Settings Menu, the company’s basic data is entered and the software is configured with the policies and rules of the real estate marketing company; this menu is divided into several screens

1- Basic Data screen

Through this screen, basic data is entered that will be used during the software cycle (interface name- real estate investment company business- units status- units types- cities of the projects- types of commission and rate of each commission).

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2- Settings screen

Through the Settings screen, the company data is entered (Company Name- Phone- Email- Fax- Company Logo- ....) and the path for saving the contracts as well as the path for saving reports is selected and determining the value of the department tax and the sales tax and determining the management commission and insurance clause, as well as determining the method of calculating revenue (calculating revenue when the unit is sold to the customer- or calculating revenue when collecting installations) it is distinguished by the software that it gives you an option between that the software creates journal entries automatically or that the user creates the journal entries manually, in addition to that through this screen, default accounts are determined for journal entries in the chart of accounts (Accounts Receivable- Revenue Account- Down Payments Account- Deposit Account- Utilities Account- Insurance Account ....).

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3- User screen

Through this screen, an infinite number of users are created and set the authorizations of each user whether (input, edit, delete, add...) a user can also be set as a "primary user" who has all the authorizations.

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4- Telephone Book screen

This screen is considered as a guide for the data of customers, investors, owners, and the rest of the parties associated with the real estate marketing company, through this screen the customer data is entered (Customer Name- Phone Number- Fax- Mobile 1- Mobile 2- Email- Bank Account-….) and all the data through which the customer can be followed up and contacted, and this screen is one of the unique screens that facilitate the works of customer service in addition to that the data of this screen affects all screens of AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software and through the Telephone Book report, you can view and print all the data (customers- investors- owners….) it is also possible to select a specific customer and view its data or display customer data for a specific unit in addition to many search parameters.

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5- Payment Plan Options screens

Through the Payment Plan Options screens, more than one payment plan is designed and linked to the payment terms through four screens, they are

A- Payment Terms screen

Through this screen, the payment terms are created and the percentage of each term of the contract value is determined and the number of times its frequency such as ( down payment- handover payment- monthly installment- quarterly installment ....) and determine whether the term is paid once in the contract or paid every month or every 3 months and so on.

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B- Payment Plan screen

Through this screen, a specific payment plan (a payment plan over two years) is designed and linked to the payment terms of the payment plan and determining the percentage or amount of each payment term in the payment plan as a selection (10% handover payment- 20%prepayment to guarantee reservation- 70% monthly installment) it is distinguished by the software that when creating a payment plan, its set of terms must be equal to 100% of the contract value, and also certain amounts can be specified instead of the percentage.

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C- Customers Installments Follow- Up screen

One of the unique screens that facilitate the works of the real estate marketing company and follow-up of customer installments through this screen that once entering, a specific period is specified from a date to a specific date and once you click the Search, the software shows you all the installments that are due for payment and can enter the same transaction and review the installment and all customer data and not just a report that is displayed.

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D- Changing Due Date screen

The Changing Due Date screen provides you the ability to change the due dates for a specific term of the contract (maintenance deposit- utilities term- handover term...) this screen is one of the unique screens that make AccFlex ERP Real Estate Marketing Software more flexible and realistic in the practical application and to meet the needs of real estate marketing companies, but this screen is linked to the authorizations of users, the due dates cannot be changed unless the user has the authority to do so.

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