Learn about the features of the IShop AccFlex ERP Solution

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution (Point of Sale Accounting Software) is used in department stores that deal directly with customers, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, accessories stores, and spare parts, which facilitates transactional selling.

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is considered one of the best accounting software for point of sale (POS) management, as IShop AccFlex ERP Solution is suitable for all activities of any type, and IShop AccFlex ERP Solution integrates all modules of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software, in addition to that IShop AccFlex ERP Solution creates the journal entries automatically without the need to enter the journal entries, IShop AccFlex ERP Solution is distinguished from other accounting software with sufficient flexibility that makes the possibility of bringing about change in the company and switching from the manual work system as soon as possible.

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Learn about the key features and characteristics of IShop AccFlex ERP Solution

- The variety of ways to enter the items in the software, the items can be entered through the Cashier screen, by the barcode reader, or from the keyboard.

- The ability to display the invoice value in more than one currency, in addition to presences of the currency converter on the Cashier screen.

-The ability to pay the invoice by visa and in more than one currency.

- The ability to reopen and edit the invoice.

- The ability to change the design of the Cashier screen.

- The software contains a set of warning messages that alert you that there are uncollected invoices before closing the journal.

- The ability to transfer journal balance from one user (cashier) to another user (cashier).

- The software automatically creates all journal entries without the need to enter them manually.

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Features of IShop AccFlex ERP Solution (Point of Sale Accounting Software):

- The ability to create a cashier invoice in just two steps.

- A complete cashier cycle with currencies - Posting and Settlement Automatically.

- The ability to suspend an invoice and create another invoice.

- The ability to search for the item by code or by name.

- The ability to create petty cash payments from the Cashier screen and settle them.

- The ability to create credit invoices.

- The ability to collect deferred payments.

- The ability to customize the form of the invoice.

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution (Point of Sale Accounting Software) 

- Identification of cashiers' data (cash register machines).

- Setting the authorizations of each cashier.

- Linking each cashier to its warehouse until all linking cashier transactions are directly linked to this warehouse.

- In the case that balances are used, it is required to define the balances codes for the software to automatically link the software and the balances.

- The settlement of the cashier's sales amounts at the end of the day with the cash posting.

- Knowing the balance of the items – a specific item in the other branches.

- Making customer collections from any sale outlet/branch.

- Printing Barcode on the thermal printer/laser printer.

- Controlling the shape of the barcode label according to the customer's desire.

- The ability to combine color, size, and expiry date with the barcode.

- Printing the invoice on the thermal printer/laser printer.

- Designing invoice/receipt as per the customer's desire.

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution Reports 

- Invoices Journal (Date - Journal Entry Number).

- Invoices Journal Totals.

- Items Sales Quantities.

- Items Sales Quantities- Major Group.

-  Items Sales Quantities (Grouped) - Major Group.

- Items Quantities.

- Reorder Report.

- Returned Items Report.

- Invoice Details.

- Invoices Totals Details.

Cash Register Journal 

1- Reviewing Cash Register Journal

Through IShop AccFlex ERP Solution, you can review the cash register journal that has been made, when you select the POS name, period, and journals selection to be viewed, whether all the journals, viewing open journals only, or viewing closed journals, the software displays the journal in detail (POS Name- User Name- Period- Opening Balance of the Journal- Transactions made during the Journal- Closing Balance of the Journal- Journal Status (Open/Closed)- ....) the screen also enables closing an open journal or reopening a closed journal as well as the ability to journal posting or unposted the journal.

2- Posing the Journal to Treasury 

Through the Posing the Journal to Treasury screen, the point of sale journal on a specific date/period and the treasury/ bank to be posted to the journal are selected, as well as the account to which the petty cash is posted is also selected in the case of expenses during the point of sale journal, and the reconciliation account of the cash count differences during closing the journal, once the accounts are selected, the software performs the posting process and affects the accounts directly.

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution (Point of Sale (POS) Accounting Software) is an integrated cash register software and accounting software for all types of department stores that deal with the customer directly, such as clothing stores, accessories, auto parts and pharmacies, and this software is characterized as one of the latest point of sale software as it contains the best Egyptian and International accounting standards and software technologies.

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What are the Key Features of the IShop AccFlex ERP Solution?    

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution is one of the best retail accounting software that retailers rely on, regardless of the size of the business, for its ease of use for the users of the best retail accounting software.  


What are the Phases of Work on the IShop AccFlex ERP Solution?

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution works for accounting journal entries that are recorded automatically for all sales transactions recorded on IShop AccFlex ERP Solution, and this is because the software is directly linked to General Ledger Software.


How to produce the invoices through IShop AccFlex ERP Solution?

The sales transaction invoices in IShop AccFlex ERP Solution can be printed automatically or by request of the user, which is determined from the presets.


How does the Cashier screen work in IShop AccFlex ERP Solution?

The feature of IShop AccFlex ERP Solution is that the Cashier screen can be opened automatically if the user has authorization, and through it, the Cashier creates the checks and sales invoices for the items and enters quantities and prices for these items.  


How to Evaluate IShop AccFlex ERP Solution?

IShop AccFlex ERP Solution works to accurately calculate the sales invoices that have been recorded and that is proven by reports showing the aggregate of all the transactions that have been recorded.


How Much Does IShop AccFlex ERP Solution Cost?

The prices of IShop AccFlex ERP solutions are suitable for everyone even if the size of each business differs from the other.  

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