Employee Self-Service (ESS) AccFlex ERP Solution

Human Resource (HR) module is essential for human resources managers in any company, AccFlex also provides software for human resources managers that also provides an app on their mobile phones for employees and a web-based application that connects to their company's database to enable them to know the details of all that is relevant to the employee such as the salary for each employee separately, check-in/ check-out times, working hours, overtime hours that he works or late arrivals and all types of leaves by their dates, so the web app will be explained:

Employee Self-Service (ESS) AccFlex ERP Solution Features:

- It supports both Arabic and English.

- Each employee has a name, which is the username he logs in by it, and his password.

                                                                  Human Resource (HR) module is essential for human resources managers


How the employee self-service (ESS) application works:

- Each employee’s username is created for easy logging into the application at any time.

- In the event you forgot your password, you can click (Forgot Password), a screen will display for you that enables you to enter the email address and then click Send to send you the code


- After you receive the code, another screen will display for you, you can type the new code and password and confirm that password.


What the homepage screen contains:

- As for the homepage of the web application, it contains the Company Name and a special Welcome Message for each employee

- A special icon for the basic screens that an employee will need, such as: (My Information- Vacation - Salary Detail -Attendance- Advance Request- Performance Appraisal  ).

                          Personnel Mobile App       


 Profile Personnel Mobile App :

It is the employee's profile, which has its most important data, such as the name in Arabic and English- date of birth- gender- marital status, and other data such as phone number and email; it is allowed to change the marital status or phone number and email and also the password for login the application.

              Profile Personnel Mobile App     

Employee Vacation Request:

If you are a line manager or human resources manager, any primary user of the web application, the web application allows you to access two screens, a screen for your leaves where you can

submit an ordinary leave request and another screen for your approval or rejection of the employee leave request.

- As for the rest of the employees, each employee can send to the human resources manager a leave request at any time.

- In both cases, the rest of the screen displays :

- Type of Vacation (paid - unpaid)
- Balance of Vacation remaining for each type depending on the choice of vacation type
- Name of vacation (regular - casual)
- Number of days off and the start of its history
- Who will be the replacement employee
- Notes may be written for the reason for the vacation.

               Employee Leave Request      

Time and Attendance

The employee is exposed to salary details during each month This is done by:
- Select the month for which salary is known
- and then a search
- appears in the result: (Employee Account Number - Basic Salary - Net Salary - Total Receipt - Total Receipts)


               Time and Attendance         

Payroll Details

Which contains the employee name, selecting the month in which you want to know the salary, it appears in the search result: the salary, the currency, the total allowances and deductions, the net salary after those allowances and deductions, and the bank account number of the employee.

               Payroll Details        


The Advances screen shows the possibility of creating an advance with a certain limit :

- The Advance Request Date
- The end date of repaid advance
- The Advance Value 
- The number of advances to be paid
- The start date of the first employee payroll advance deduction
- The Currency is determined


- Employee’s performance Evaluation:

Each employee can evaluate themselves through the application only selecting the assessment month and showing the rating items display, only allowing the employee to evaluate himself to choose the appropriate rating and then save. The final employee's assessment follows Team Leader's assessment.

            Employee’s performance Evaluation Employee’s performance Evaluation Employee’s performance Evaluation

How does Employee Self-Service (ESS) AccFlex ERP Solution add value to a company's employees?

Employee Self Service (ESS) AccFlex ERP Solution is the best that a company provides as a means of implementing services between the HR Manager and the employees through which it can (request an advance knowing overtime and late arrivals request a leave editing the employee data and employee self-evaluation at the end of each month).


How can an employee edit his/her personal data without helping the HR manager?

The application can edit any of the basic data recorded by the HR manager to the employee and this is through the Profile screen if each employee or user of the application has the authorization to change edit or add any of his or her personal data such as social status email and phone number or even change his or her password for that application.


Can a leave request be submitted without sending an E-mail to the HR Manager?

A leave request can be created without e-mail through Employee Self-Service (ESS) AccFlex ERP Solution and this is from the Leave Request screen, where the type of leave is selected if it is paid or unpaid, the number of leave days required, and also shows the time-off balance for that employee.


How can an employee know the number of overtime hours worked and the employee's late arrivals without asking the HR manager?

The application screens include a Time & Attendance screen that is selecting a specific shift, check-in/ check-out, as well as the overtime that shows by the plus sign and late arrivals by the negative sign.


How can an employee apply for an advance knowing his/her advance limit?

An employee can know his/her advance limit through the application and can know the number of periods the advance and value will be paid for each period


Can each employee evaluate himself/herself at the end of each month without an E-mail from the HR manager?

The application contains the Employee Performance Evaluation screen, which is divided into two parts, a part related to the HR Manager's evaluation of himself and the other part related to the employee's self-evaluation, subject to the same evaluation criteria, and the HR manager is allowed to open the two screens and the employee has authorization on the evaluation screen only himself.

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