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Human Resources (HR) Software & personnel administration and employees for companies, which is a comprehensive system that automates all processes related to employees to provide accurate monitoring to employees, and at the same time, it integrates with all other modules of the organization such as AccFlex ERP General Ledger Software to prevent the occurrence of any accounting errors in the organization, the employees' payroll is calculated with the utmost accuracy, which no leaves the field for error as it occurs in the paper-based systems.

Human Resources (HR) Software of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is the best accounting software that provides great solutions for human resources management, benefiting from them and developing them, and the corporate Human Resources (HR) Software is that automatically calculates employee's payroll, it also provides a great Employee History Record starting from the Employee's Start Date and ending with Termination Date or Retirement.

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Human Resources (HR) Software is flexible and accurate, and is suitable for all functional policies created by management at the corporate or country level, the software is consistent with the Labor Law of more than one country (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE, Qatar, etc.), which increasing the reliability of Human Resources (HR) Software in many companies, in addition to many features that characterized by AccFlex ERP Accounting Software.

Human Resources (HR) Software | Importing from Excel Human Resources (HR) Software creates journal entries automatically without the need to enter the journal entries and Human Resources (HR) Software is distinguished from other accounting software have enough flexibility to makes the possibility of bringing about change in the company and switching from the manual work system as soon as possible.

Human Resources (HR) Software | Importing from Excel 

Human Resources (HR) Software supports the possibility of importing from Excel, also, Human Resources (HR) Software can be used to more than one branch and link all the branches to each other into a single database, as well as not being restricted to a single system for company management, in addition to the software is provided to all companies, regardless of their size (large scale, medium-sized, small), as the software has been designed to suit all activities, in addition to a full system for controlling the cash transactions starting from warning messages when an error occurred and alert messages when needed and authorizations setting screens and customized screens for entering human resource management processes.

Features of Human Resources (HR) Software

- Personal data, personal photos and scanned photos of official documents.

- Qualifications, certificates and past experiences.

- Data related to types of employment and employees’ time off balances.

- Payroll Data and its supplements.

- Residence and passport data.

-Tracking time and attendance, whether recorded manually or through fingerprint scanner devices.

- Monitoring and recording daily personnel administration procedures such as leaves, absences, business trips, late arrivals, and overtime.

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General Human Resources (HR) Software Features

Human Resources (HR) Software of AccFlex ERP Accounting Software is distinguished with a set of advantages that make it the best ERP accounting software for human resources management, the most important of which are:

1- Flexibility of Configuring the Software for Shift work

Human Resources (HR) Software provides you to define the company's work system if the company operates with one shift system or more than one shift and the ability to link each employee to his shift.

2- The Software Creates Payroll Journal Entries Automatically

Human Resources (HR) Software, through the fingerprint time & attendance for each employee, calculates the employee's salary accurately, not to deduct all of his deductions and deductions, and it converts these transactions into accounting journal entries that affect General Ledger Software.

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3- Setting the company’s business policies through Human Resources (HR) Software

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is characterized by flexibility, as it provides you with the ability to create business policies that the company implements and adds them to the software, so policies can be entered:

A- Absence Policy

Through it, the penalty for absence is determined, the number of days allowed, and the deduction in case of exceeding the days allowed and other policies of absence.

 B- Overtime Policy

And through it is determined the overtime policy, whether hourly or daily and the overtime hour value is it a percentage of the hourly wages or a certain value.

C- Late Arrivals Policy 

Through it, the deduction from the salary is determined in the event of late arrivals and the value/percentage of deduction for each late arrival.

D- Early Departure Policy 

Through it, the deduction from the salary is determined in the case of early departure from work.

E- End-of-Service Policy

And through it, the end-of-service policy followed is determined whether it is a policy followed within the company or the country according to the labor law.

F- Working on Public Holidays Policy 

Through Human Resources (HR) Software, the public holidays obtained by the employees are determined according to the country holidays. Human Resources (HR) Software is characterized by flexibility, as it is suitable for some activities, such as hotels, in which attendance is for a consecutive number of days such as 26 days, a week of leave, etc. so it can be determined whether the employee will get overtime pay for a day if he is working on the public holiday, or will he get an alternate day.

4- Selecting the required employment documents of each employee automatically

Human Resources (HR) Software selects the required employment documents for each Designation (employee) and the expiration of the employment documents and whether it needs to be renewed (such as a Driver's License- Criminal Status Record- and others) and it reminds when the document expires.

5- Leave Request and approval it through Human Resources (HR) Software

One of the great advantages provided by AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is that once the employee wants to get a leave, he can enter a Leave Request through the software and typing the leave period he desires, and once the request is completed, Human Resources (HR) Software will post the leave request to the line manager and then the general manager for approval on the request according to the authorizations and signatures in the request, as well as Human Resources (HR) Software, completes the temporary clearance to the employee by handing over the item in-kind and selecting the alternative employee on the software automatically, without the need for any manual or paper-based procedure.

6- A Card for Each Employee

Through AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software can create a card for each employee to be added automatically to the Personnel No from the software as well as all employee data, whether it is (Employee Name- Date of Birth- Designation- Department- Educational qualification... and others) as well as the policies applied to the employee and the financial data as the employee salary, the time and attendance policies, and other data, Employee's Start Date/Termination Date, which is considered as a complete guide for the employee.

7- Employee Events

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is distinguished that it provides a screen through which you can enter all the employee events that have occurred to the employee starting from the employee's start date, passing through the promotions, bonuses, and penalties that occurred to him, as well as if he cessation from work or terminated of employment and returned to it again, and the departments in which he worked and the jobs, which are considered as a full CV of the employee inside the company and a review of the employee record benefit the department in decision-making.

8- Risk Analysis

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is distinguished from other accounting software in that it provides a conception of every big and small needs of the department, as it does not ignore any analyzes that may benefit the department in decision making. In some emergency times such as economic crises or economic recession, some companies may need to re-evaluate their activities and analyze the risks in the event of a declining or re-distributing labor and studying whether this decision entails profits or losses; the software helps companies in analyzing the risks of declining or layoffs labor decisions and the consequent decisions.

9- Creating a Payslip

Through AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software can create the employee payslip and link them to each employee (Basic Salary, Bonuses, Subsistence Allowance, Transportation Allowance, etc.) that helps in calculating taxes and social insurance, end-of-service allowance, leave allowance, and others.

10- Social Insurance Law & Tax Policies

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is characterized by flexibility. It does not restrict you to a specific policy for social insurance. Social insurance may differ from one country to another, as well as with regard to tax policy. Income tax laws are always changing, and may differ from one country to another as well. The software provides you the ability to create tax policy and social insurance according to the policy of each company.

11- Employee Advances Management

The software provides a great model of the employee Advances Management, so it is possible through the software to create an Advance Request, whether in cash or in-kind, and also to approve it from the software. The software also provides you the ability to pay the advance in the form of installments (payments) and the software automatically deducts the value of the installment from the salary according to the due.

12- Penalties Management

Based on the policy of the Penalties established by the company, the absence and early departure policies, and other policies, the software automatically creates penalties for employees who violate the company's policies and deducts the value of the penalty automatically when the due.

13- Bonuses Management

Through Human Resources (HR) Software, it is possible to create more than one type of bonus, creating a bonus policy and add the bonus value automatically to the employee’s salary when applying this policy.

14- A Full Performance Evaluation System

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software provides you with a full cycle to evaluate the performance of employees, starting from creating a performance appraisal policy, as well as defining the terms of this policy (performance appraisal conditions) and linking performance appraisal policies to employees and determining the value of bonuses in the event of getting good evaluations as well as penalties in the event of getting poor evaluations of performance.

Human Resource Module & Personnel Administration 

Human Resource Management & Personnel Administration procedures

- Adding and defining all benefits and deductions items, with specifying the method for calculating each of them.

- The system contains a table of all the values and percentages of the labor law, tax laws, and insurance laws for which the wage is calculated, this schedule is adjustable by the user.

- Determining the nature of salary payment for each employee (monthly salary - weekly wages - daily wages).

- Determine whether employees are subject to or not subject to income tax

- Recording the advances, specifying the amount of the monthly installment and the month of the beginning of the payment, so that it can be automatically deducted monthly.

- Calculating incentive after taking into account the effects of attendance and evaluation rates, penalties and sick leaves and delays in consideration.

- Recording monthly variables other than fixed salary template (salary variables such as bonuses, miscellaneous discounts and grants).

- Recording salary increasing items when needed, maintaining salary increasing and recalling a report at any point.

- Transportation and Promotions.

- Recording Rewards and Sanctions.

- Recording employee drop-off and return-to-work forms.

- Recording advances and generating salary forms.

Human Resource (HR) Module Features 

- Multiple reports covering all operations in the system.

- A color key for employee actions with attendance and departure screen.

- Tracking the expiry dates of residency, passport and national ID, as well as the date of appointment employees.

- Accurate tracking of leave balances.

- Printing the payroll, attendance and departure sheets, and all personnel administration actions.

- Calculating the company's share and the worker’s share of social insurance accurately.

- Supporting a basic salary form and also an additional salary form for employees.

- Creating salary forms for all employees, for each employee separately, or for a selected group of employees.

- Calculating the salary forms for employees by month and day.

- Great flexibility in structuring shift work, audit of attendance and departure hours, and methods for calculating delay and overtime.

- Direct connection with attendance and departure devices of all kinds.

- Adding mobile phones related to business and linking them to employees

- Inquiring about outstanding or paid invoices

- Establishing different policies for each employee separately

- The possibility of creating different departments

- The ability to create different branches and link departments with them

- Extracting the daily attendance by using the fingerprint scanner device

- Adding policies to advances, penalties, absence, and delays

- Creating employee accounts for salary distribution

- Adding all kinds of rewards according to desire (specific value percentage of salary)

- Adding tax policies within the system

-  Adding social insurance law, it will be easily applied to employees’ salaries 

- Creating different policies for overtime.

-Adding or creating different policies for early departure from work

- Adding the largest number of users to the system with adding different authorizations as desired

- Working more than done in the system

- Employee Salary Report: a detailed employee salary report

- Employees Salary Report according to income groups

- Notice of employees’ salaries

- Advances Report 

- Departments’ Salaries

- Employees’ salaries – approved


The most important accounting reports in Human Resources (HR) Software

Human Resources (HR) Software provides you with a unique set of reports that the department needs on human resources management that serve all departments of the organization in monitoring, oversight, and decision making. Human Resources (HR) Software reports are flexible you can redesign reports as desired by each user and can be exported to more than format (PDF- Word- Excel- and other formats you need) and one of the most important of these reports

- Employees Payroll Report.

- Detailed Employees Payroll Report.

- Unpaid Employees Report.

- Employees Payroll by Income-Category Report.

- Advances Report.

- Procurement Report.

- Departmental Payroll Report.

- Detailed Departmental Payroll Report.

-  Employees Payroll Plan Report.

- Employees Allowances Report.

- Payroll Report.

- Time and Attendance Report (Aggregate).

- Detailed Time and Attendance Report.

- Employees Attendance Tracking Report.

AccFlex ERP Human Resource Module &Personnel Administration for leading companies, one of the most latest versions of AccFlex ERP Software, as the software focuses about all administrative and financial related to employees starting from employee data, wages, salaries and their weekly and annual leave until annual employee evaluations, and it has avoided AccFlex ERP programmers all aspects of limitations in other software to provide you with a unique experience with the latest software.

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Why the HR Management Software? 

Any company that has many employees must use software to manage employees' accounts, payroll, time and attendance management, and the different policies that each company follows to do this and to confirm it in printed reports, you must have HR Management Software such as AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software


What is the importance of the HR Management Software?

To monitor all about the employees within the company accurately such as changing employee data and monthly employee salary calculation, this occurs periodically, and AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software works on that automatically because it is linked to Treasury& Banking Software and General Ledger Software.


How does the HR Software work?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is concerned with employee data, and it calculates employees' payroll, time and attendance scheduling, and the employee's start date and end of service, and more importantly, producing reports for all of this.  


The most important management that AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software works on?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software manages or calculates employee salaries based on the accurate time and attendance data.


What are the most important HR Software policies?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is divided into sub-modules, including the external structure of the company, through which departments and branches are determined, employee data is recorded, monthly employee evaluation scores are set, the second related to calculating employee payroll, the company policies, and a sub-module related to time and attendance. 


What is the best Accounting Software for Human Resources Management?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is one of the best accounting software and personnel management software and this is because of its various features, the most important of which is linking it directly to other accounting software such as Treasury& Banking Software and General Ledger Software.


What is the evaluation of AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software covers all about the employee within the company, whatever the size of the company, or how many employees the company has according to the employee's salary calculation criteria according to the data entered.


How Much Does AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software Cost?

The prices of AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software are suitable for all companies that rely on many employees, regardless of the size of the company. 

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