Learn about the advantages of Human Resource (HR) Module

AccFlex ERPoffers an integrated system that automates the responsibilities and functions of human resources management, which facilitates management and organizational responsibilities orderly and with full flexibility at all phases of the work and in supports the vision and policies of human resources management in the human element management within the organization.

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AccFlex ERP system provides practical solutions for personnel administration through ERP system powered by web technologies and multi-feature desktop environments through the following main areas:

- Human Resource Management.

- Compensation and Wage Administration.

- Time and Attendance Management.

- Employee Self-Service system.

Creating the organizational and administrative structure:

Human Resource Management System provides complete flexibility in structuring the organization's activity in proportion to its size and future aspirations, so the user can create a tree chart for branches, departments and internal departments without being restricted to a certain number of levels with full control of the accounting treatment (Pre-Posting) for each department and internal department.

Recording Personal Data:

AccFlex ERP System for Human Resource (HR) Module enables you to create a detailed file for each employee that includes basic and detailed data for employees, along with attaching documents such as place of residence, driver’s license, etc. The personnel file includes the following data:

Employee data: Includes the employee’s name in Arabic and English, age, nationality, marital status, and religion, identification number, date of issuance and issued by. Qualification and professional experience.

Data of Job level: such as the branch, department, employee’s department, personnel number and date of hire.

Job documents data: such as place of residence, national identity, passport, expiration dates, qualification certificates and experiences, with the ability to attach the document originals within the system to view them and recall them at any time.

Other data: such as insurance data and family members’ data.

Training and Performance Development Plans:

Human Resource (HR) Module provides a system for developing employee performance by identifying administrative needs for development, designing a training plan, implementing it on the system, and producing detailed reports of training.

Business Travel Management:

AccFlex ERP System provides the ability to business travel management between branches of employees as well as the business travel and registering them on the system so that the human resources officer can register them on the system and is taken into account when producing the attendance and departure results. The business travel screen includes a detailed description of the business travel data and the date of the business travel and reports can be produced from the business travel performed during the period.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance management within AccFlex ERP system includes the employee’s insurance number, insurance issuer, the detailed insured data and the type of insurance that the employee is subject to

Employees performance evaluation:

It is a flexible display used to set standards at the employees’ level, set a relative weight for each standard, entering monthly employees’ evaluations and producing evaluation results.

The advantages of human resource module & personnel administration:

- Personal data, personal photos and scanned photos of official documents.

- Qualifications, certificates and past experiences.

-  Data related to types of employment and employees’ leaves balances.

- Payroll Data and its supplements.

- Residence and passport data.

-Tracking attendance and departure, whether recorded manually or through fingerprint scanner devices.

- Tracking and recording daily personnel administration procedures such as leaves, absences, business trip, arriving late and overtim

Multiple Definitions of Payslips:

Multiple of different employees' payslips can be described and defined, either as entitlements or deductions in advance, and classified into groups such as allowances, salaries, etc., with full control over their due dates and repetition rates.

Insurance Rules and Tax Policies:

Human Resource (HR) module of AccFlex ERP system provides flexibility in controlling the social and health insurance policies in terms of the entitlements of the employee's share and the company's share of insurance, with the possibility of applying the insurance rules to a specific payslip such as the basic salary only all the payslips, and this applies to the tax rules as well.

 Salary Plans:

AccFlex ERP system for human resources management enables you to create a complete employee salary plan and plan of increases by agreement contract to be automatically added to the employee's salary at its due dates, and the user can place payslips in different currencies in the case of multiple currencies in the company in question.

Employees Loans and Advances Management:

Human Resource (HR) module provides full control over the management and control of employee loans and advances, where an request can be created for the employee's advance, their due date and the number of payments, and the request is approved through the human resources department (the employee can also submit the request through employees self-service application and the employee gets a notice approval of the advance automatically).

The system enables flexible scheduling of advances that allows the employee’s debt to be restructured to suit working conditions; the employee’s advance is paid from accounting department through the bank payments and receipts system after the approval of the advance document from HR personnel.

 Penalties Management:

The Human Resources Department can create and design Penalties policies and regulations for employees, apply them to employees, and fully control the level of Penalties approval at different administrative levels.

Bonuses& Additional Items Management:

By creating types of bonuses and other additions such as proficiency bonuses, sales commissions, etc., and applied to employees on their due dates, bonuses and commissions can also be paid separately from the salary and can be paid in combination with the salary.

Wage and Salary Administration:

AccFlex ERP system provides the following advantages in calculating wages and salaries:

- The ability to approve some or all of the employees' salaries.

- The ability to print employee salary reports for banks and design the report in line with banks’ requirements.

- The ability to create a flexible insurance policy and apply it to specific employees.

- An insurance policy and tax policy is applied to some or all of the payslips.

The Most Important Time and Attendance Reports:

- Overall Attendance and Departure Report.

- Detailed Attendance and Departure Report.

- Employees Attendance Tracking Report.

Time and Attendance Management

AccFlex ERP system enables full flexibility in managing time and attendance processes with different mechanisms of attendance verification for employees through several tools such as linking with fingerprint devices and importing from external Excel files or recording attendance directly on the system and the system provides the following important advantages:

Identifying Fingerprint Devices:

Multiple fingerprint devices data can be recorded and linked to the AccFlex ERP system for human resources management, and then employees can record their attendance on the fingerprint devices at different locations, projects and branches offices at any time and in the end, attendance data is collected to AccFlex ERP system and calculate attendance results throughout the month.

Creating Employee Work Schedule:

Flexible employee work schedule is created and linked to employees, and based on shifts appointments, overtime for employees and being late to work for employees are calculated on the system automatically once the time and attendance processes are calculated.

Recording Time and Attendance:

Time and attendance processes are automatically recorded to AccFlex ERP system through the direct link between human resource (HR) module and the fingerprint devices without the need to export attendance data from the fingerprint device and re-enter it to the system. Also, time and attendance system can record all attendance data and what is included in the policies through importing from an external Excel file.

The Most Important Time and Attendance Reports:

- Overall Attendance and Departure Report.

- Detailed Attendance and Departure Report.

- Employees Attendance Tracking Report.

What are the Key Features of AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is one of the best software accounting and personnel management software, which has different features, the most important of which is its integration with other sub-systems such as Treasury & Banking Software and General Ledger Software. An integrated that automates the responsibilities and functions of the human resources department, which facilitates the management and organizational responsibilities orderly and with full flexibility at all phases of the work and in a manner that supports the vision and policies of the human resources department in the human resource element management within the organization.


What are the Phases of Work on AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is the best accounting software that provides great solutions for the human resources management, benefiting from them and developing them, and AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is that automatically calculates employee's payroll, it also provides a great Employee History Record starting from the Employee's Start Date and ending with Termination Date or Retirement, and is suitable for all functional policies created by management at the corporate level.


What is the importance of AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is concerned with monitoring all about the employees within the company accurately such as changing employee data and monthly employee salary calculation, this occurs periodically, and AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software works on that automatically because it is linked to Treasury& Banking Software and General Ledger Software.


What are the most important AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software policies?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software is divided into sub-modules, including the external structure of the company, through which the departments and branches are determined, the employee data is recorded, the monthly employee evaluation scores are set, the second related to calculating employee payroll, the company policies, and a sub-module related to time and attendance.   


How to Evaluate AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software?

AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software covers all about the employee within the company, whatever the size of the company, or how many employees the company has according to the employee payroll calculation criteria according to the data entered.  


How Much Does AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software Cost?

The prices of AccFlex ERP Human Resources (HR) Software are suitable for all large and medium-sized companies, regardless of the nature of the business.

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