Key Features of Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution

Sales Rep App is considered an essential part of the components of the AccFlex ERP system integrated for sales and distribution management, as it works in both Arabic and English, and the application provides an important set of benefits for its users from sales representatives such as creating sale invoices and managing credit collection and returns and other basic daily transactions performed by sales representatives.

The application allows the sales supervisors and managers to know the daily transactions of the sales representative, moment by moment and as soon as they happen on the supervisors' interface, as well as printing daily sales journal reports for the sales representative to review the volume and value of sales and collections during the day.

The most important feature of the Sales Rep App is the ease of use and speed in completing the transactions to save time, effort, and speed of integration with the subsystems.

The best salesperson application for investment companies                         The best salesperson application for investment companies                                The best salesperson application for investment companies

GPS location tracking (Sales Rep Tracking wherever they are)

Now with Sales Rep App, you can track the itineraries of sales representatives wherever they are, moment by moment, through the GPS location tracking feature, you can also review the entire itinerary during the day, and this gives you a precise control tool for your team.

GPS location tracking (Sales Rep Tracking wherever they are)


Sales Rep App works in a fully integrated system with inventory management, sales, and general ledger modules as an integral part of the system, which allows you to track the sales representatives or first by once recording an invoice, and the sales representatives can in cases of internet outages, working on the application completely, provided that the data synchronization with the central database as soon as the internet is available on the sales representative mobile.

The best salesperson application for investment companies

Invoice Issuing 

The sales representative can issue a sale invoice to the customer in cash or on credit and print the invoice automatically upon completion of the sale process. In the case of sales on credit, the sales representative can collect part of the invoice in cash or through the network; the invoicing screen also supports a barcode reader system to facilitate the sale process of the sales representative.

Invoice              Create Invoice               Items


Sales Returns 

The sales representative can record customer returns through Sales Rep App. by searching for invoices previously issued to the customer and creating a return with items in the invoice with the ability to return the value of the invoice to the customer in cash or deducting from his balance with the ability to print the return voucher.


Returnes              Returns Searching               Returns Without invoices

Cash Collections 

Sales Rep App. allows sales representatives to collect customers' credit debts at the due date, and print the collection voucher for the amount actually collected.

After the sales representative’s sales journal ends, the sales representative can end and close the journal, so that he can enter the actual amount available, provided that the treasury module records cash receipts at a later stage.

Credit limits can be set for the customer in terms of the credit period and the credit limit for the customer so the customer aging is tracked on the one hand, creating a control system to prevent or warn sales representatives from issuing sales invoices to a customer who has exceeded the credit period or credit limit on the other hand.


Payments            Payments


The sales department can create promotions for selling products that include a discount or obtaining additional quantities during a specific time period, promotions can be applied to all or some sales representatives.

Sales List 

Complete price lists can be set for the retail and wholesale sectors, with the ability to modify and update them, in case the sale representative issues a sale invoice, the sales module automatically sets the price based on the price list to which the customer is subject.

What is Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution?

An application for all smartphones, that is used in the sales and distribution management by the sales reps, this application can handle sales invoices, sales returns, and others.


What are the characteristics of Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution?

Sales Rep App  AccFlex ERP Solution can create the sales invoices and sales returns and the credit collection management operations, the application also allows the sales managers to know the daily transactions that are made as soon as they occur and print those reports to know the sales volume and collections during the day.


Can the sales reps be tracked through Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution?

The sales representatives can be tracked anywhere and at any time through the GPS Location Tracking feature, this is for accurate monitoring management for the work team.


Can the data be changed after it is entered into the application?

If the journal is not closed yet, the sales invoices and sales returns can be changed until the invoices are posted and the journal is closed can no longer be changed.


How can synchronize Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution with inventory Management Software?

The items are created and their prices and quantities entered to Inventory Management Software and when adding any item or quantity can be worked on the application and vice versa when any sales invoice or sales return is created from the application will appear in Inventory Management Software.


 Can work with the credit Invoices within Sales Rep App AccFlex ERP Solution?

Just as the cash sales invoices can be handled, also the credit invoices can be tracked and printed automatically once the sales are complete, with the ability to collect each customer's debt on the due date of the amount and printing a bond for this, this is called Cash Collection.

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